Dropbox has recently disabled all the Public folder links. In ACR it’s amazing how much can be restored. This has potential to be a much faster workflow than any other methods I have seen discussed. AndreasK New to the forum Posts: It’s also pretty amazing how the raw workflow extends right into Premiere

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Cineform Studio still to me has the advantage of non-destructive raw editing which extends to the NLE, small edit-friendly files, not to mention the ability to preview your footage very quickly in your video player before any conversion or rendering takes place.

Peter New to the forum Posts: I gopro cineform studio premium use CF Pro with 4: In my test footage of a fairly bright window in a dim room, ACR let me bring the highlights down and adjust overall exposure much more easily than in Cineform Studio.

This could eliminate the need for more render intensive noise reduction plugins later. Great seeing you here, Jake!

Also if you load the cineform file in AE you cannot “dig” into the highlights. Other than a white balance correction, minor tint shift, and a bit of noise reduction, it only took gopro cineform studio premium to get my footage looking beautiful. So some version of vegas work, some don’t Import files look RAW: Have to check more. AndreasK New to the forum Posts: I have been playing around with CineForm Studio Premium for the last few days.


This has potential to be a much faster workflow than any other methods I have seen discussed. Codec is 10 prwmium so I guess I’m losing color now converting?

GoPro Dumping Cineform GoPro Studio Premium and Professional

gopro cineform studio premium Kuky on May 18, David, Neoscene is 10bit tough right? GoPro continuously evolves the products and services we offer. I know its probably buggy for other things too, buggy in general. The date the document that announces the end of sale and end of life cinrform a product is distributed to the general public.

That native use of the codec is what got me Did you miss your activation email? Here is a link to a dng file from canon raw movie.

I like vegas more than premiere. Also it appears that debayer filter enhances also the color noise. Does the free version of Studio include the same codec features as Premium and Pro?

GoPro CineForm Studio Premium (free version) download for PC

Color noise reduction is sfudio this workflow. I feel this experience I described will be repeated by many like me. My advanced conversion settings: Support will be limited to answering questions related to workflows.


I didn’t find any of the demosaic options to be as good as the ACR one. I’ve found instances where there are artifacts after debayering premoum cineform.

GoPro Dumping Cineform GoPro Studio Premium and Professional

yopro If you have support related questions, click here to contact customer support or use one of the links below. Also included screenshots for acr and cineform studio interfaces.

I’ve yet to find an intermediate that is better in terms of file size and quality so I live with the bugs. Other workflows take much longer to get to this point so this is a good way to be able to play through all your footage to see ciineform you have shot, discard any bad sequences and not waste any time converting sequences you won’t be using. Great to be here!