Refer to licensing information at http: The DLL provides some other platform-specific functions for display devices. In the same directory as the Ghostscript executable. Note that more than one mswindll device may be opened. Four DLL functions are available to use the mswindll device. You may download for legally licensed software only.

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This is usually the preferred executable. Alternatively, an uninstall shortcut is also available in the Start Menu group.


The specified module could not be found. For printer devices, output goes to the default queue. Avoid the cost, effort, and lost time involved gsdll64.dll taking your PC gsdll64.dll a repair shop.

Restart your pc and see if the error persists.

Fonts need to be installed gsdll64.dll. Directly below in this site you may see 1 version s of the file gsdll Initialization files that Ghostscript reads in when it starts up; these are the same on all platforms.

How to Install gsdll For bit programs, use bit files if they are listed above. This is not an error. Don’t forget to mention your Windows version and the gsdll64.dl, of gsdll64.dll software reporting the error.


It scans your PCidentifies the problem areas and fixes them completely. Gsdll64.dll the following command gsdll64.dll the Command Line window that opens up and press Enter key.

This software is distributed under license and may not be copied, modified or distributed except as expressly authorized under the terms of that license.

The os2dll device draws into this bitmap. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Once you have downloaded gsdll Whatever configuration method you use, execute ” make gsdll64.dll ” to install the executable and all the required and ancillary files after the build is complete.

General Windows configuration The installer includes files in these subdirectories: Note that more than one mswindll device may be opened.

Download gsdll64.dll

In general the following with suffice to build ghostscript: Errors related to gsdll Read the comment at the beginning of the latter gsdll64.dll for more information. The bitmap address does not change until the os2dll device is closed; however the bitmap size and gsdll64.dll may change gssll64.dll the bitmap is not locked.


Windows XP x64 edition, or Vista bit The x64 installer is normally named gs w Files have been scanned with antivirus software. Installing Ghostscript gsdll64.dll MS Windows We usually distribute Ghostscript releases for Windows as a gsdll64.dll installer, for the convenience of most users.

The return value is the lock count, which is either 0 “unlocked” or 1 “locked”.

Gsdlldll Download – DLL 4 Free

Ghostscript as a shared object If you’ve built Ghostscript as a shared object, instead of ‘ make install ‘, you must use ‘ make soinstall ‘. Save big money Avoid the cost, effort, and lost time involved in taking your PC gsdll64.dll a repair shop. Fix the missing Gsdll Alternatively, you can place the gsdll In order to fix dll related errors, you gsdll64.dll to copy the. Please download and install gsdll64.dll file at your own risk