This a a fun “Gun” building game, I have already enjoyed a few hours on it. These improvements would definitely make this a five star game! I love this game so much, I showed it to all my family me,bears such as my sister, dad, and mom! Great game New updates broke everything. Wanna sharpen your shooting skillz?

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Resident Evil 7 1. It’s a decent time killer.

It’s good I have played the game and I think it’s a good game to be playing to take time or waste it easily and is very addicting one you start playing the game.

Reviewed by Steve-O-Bro How to get double barrels In the image they have guns with doubvle barrel and I’m wondering is to get them. Adults and kids will like this app. Just guncrafter pro pack played it for about 5 years 6 years now. Apps related to GunCrafter Pro.


It’s extremely laggy on the Galaxy Note 3. It would be sick and if u do make a better way to make money! Needs volume sliders or better yet mute buttons for the music and all the other sounds in the game. I would vote it 6 of awsome games! There is a glitch that on some levels the OPP shoots faster than the golden weapons and cheats. Blocky Cars – shooting games. Guncrafter pro pack game is very enjoyable and keeps me guncrafter pro pack for long areas if needed. Please fix when you can. These improvements would definitely make this a five star game!


More by this developer. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Gun crafter pro OK, so first! This a a fun “Gun” building game, I have already enjoyed a few hours on it. Yall are dumb Thats the frikin pro pack that gives yall the double barrels and crap this is an upgrade not here u go have everything it the guncrafter pro pack pack which cost 61 pounds my god Flawless.

GunCrafter Pro Description from Publisher: So I had the free version before I bought the pro and I can say that it definitely has the doubeler and since I built the same simple gun on the first board and made of wood I can say that the pro has a stat boost that gun was 10 4 7 and the original was 7 10 7 However I wish it had the option to get double barrels though but I will point out that is NOT promised in the description I also warn you that your guns and gold from free will not transfer 5 star.


Also, this is NOT real pro.

I got the pro version mainly for the coin doubler because I had already gotten all the guns before and I wanted to do it fast now. Reviewed by Still needs updates. You need so guncrafter pro pack coins to get anything good.

Real pro is on normal Guncrafter and it costs All you do is build a gun out of a select material, then demolish places with it. Category games Latest Version 2.

Guncrafter APK (Unlimited Coins+Pro Pack Hack Video – Android HVGA Group

Also the realize prices are way to high. And at higher levels they outgun you when it should be set to match you. You need so many coins to get anything good. So it is still a good game but it is not the one I would say 1 game but it still a amazing app I would prefer guncrafter pro pack.