Sorta Its a really good game but I hate the down ranking I know that it down ranks you when you loose but when I win it sometimes it still down ranks me if you guys fix this problem I’ll give it 5 stars Enjoy it! There is a possibility of full control of your athlete. The reviews are right Hard to put down,very adictive. Takes a little getting used to, and you might get carpal tunnel if you play to much, ha ha! Is that not enough? Additive It’s very addictive and practical.. Old son play all the time.

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Additive It’s very addictive and practical. Homerun Battle play data in the previous account cannot be transmitted. The hive sucks I play on my note 3 and alot of the time I get on and hokerun making me log back in almost every time that is starting to make me mad Perfect. Great game Good game competitive. Very addictive and hard to put down once you get on a roll.

Comes in handy when u happend to get board. You tilt your device to aim your bat and then tap the screen to swing.


Homerun Battle 3D

Apr 21, ; size: Jimyfmbrz2 This game is fun, I sometimes have to battlee myself to quit playing it. There are some new things they could do to make it even better Marvelous.

Sometimes you have to just swing because the ball disappears. At least separate items. There is a possibility of full control of your athlete.

Its vary addicting and alot of fun. Enjoyed it enough to make purchases, which I homerum never do.

Love It This is just a great lil game. Loved this game on previous version of android on a Nexus 7. Citra Android – Nintendo Ultimate Teen Patti Mod Hack 1.

Homerun Battle 3D FREE APK Download – Free Sports Games for Android

You will be able to play together with your friends in one match. Problem now is that the game stutters.

Nevertheless, after a few games you can be a homerun battle 3d 1.8.1 apk hitter and home run will be simple. Fair play for the most part. It takes no time to get the feel of baseball slugger, although you’ll not necessarily to get home run in a short period. Homerun Battle Description from Publisher: Glitchy AF I love this game, but there are too many glitches during play that cause you to miss pitches.


Uniforms, hats, equipment and other customizable features – Exclusive Baseball Wear: Great game Great game worth the dollar spent and I’m not even a really baseball fan but this game is highly addicting Works great.

Top download in Games. Great to pass the time with. Homerun Battle 3D 1.

Free Homerun Battle 3D FREE – 1.8.1.apk

And you can also enjoy a game in many different kinds of devices. Apps related to Homerun Battle. The reviews are right Hard to put down,very adictive.

It’s worth pointing out that your play data will automatically be saved in server when you login to Com2uS hub in Homerun Battle.