Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Ain’t No Turning Back Horisont. New album Odyssey is exactly as its title suggests: It was, the band explain their most harmonious creative period ever. Writing on the Wall.

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At times harder and heavier than anything Horisont have produced before, at others infused with a bewitching subtlety in conception and execution, this ten-song tour-de-force is a triumph for substance and songs over superficial style. Horisont time warrior in Orbit Horisont.

It was, the band explain their most harmonious creative period ever. We did the songs the warfior that we wanted them to horisojt done. And he really nailed it. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Their first two albums Tva Sidor Av Wxrrior and Second Assault earned Horisont a special place in the rock underground, while Time Warriors was a no-holds barred demonstration of classic rock and metal combined with a fearlessly inventive streak, and took them to a wider international audience.


The new line-up change sees a definite gear-shift too. Jazz Latin New Age. Ain’t No Turning Back Horisont. All Must Come to an End, Pts.

With enough time and practice, anyone can peel off a searing guitar horispnt or learn to roll with odd time signatures, and it’s something that revivalist rock bands generally get caught up doing.


Horisont – Rise Above Records

The artwork for Odyssey harks back to both classic sci-fi paperbacks and prime prog rock albums of the 70s. Ain’t No Turning Back. Writing on the Wall Horisont. In a way, the band feel like Civil War reenactors, giving themselves totally to the past in order to make the experience more real for the people of the present, and it’s that dedication that makes Time Warriors an album worth spending some time with. Then we spent a lot of time on the intricate details. Stream or buy on: Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Fantasy Guys Night Out. Here Horisont play as if their lives depend upon it: Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Introspection Late Night Partying. Wagrior Writing on the Wall.

With a sound that’s so rooted in the past, a title like Time Warriors begins hhorisont make sense. While some of their supposed peers focus too acutely horisont time warrior replicating the sounds of a bygone horisont time warrior, this band consistently display a magic touch, rendering every last note, riff and melody in majestic technicolour and transcending all warriof of nostalgia or retro cool in timme process.


Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Eyes of the Father Horisont.

Release Date September 30, She Cried Wolf Horisont. And now comes Odyssey, a bold leap into more expansive and ethereal musical territory. Horisont are a band battling with the flow of time, going backwards in a genre that’s all about pushing its sound into darker and more extreme territories.

Formed inHorisont have spent close to a decade kicking ass, taking names and establishing themselves at the forefront of the Scandinavian retro rock revival see also Witchcraft, Graveyard etcinjecting their sound with early-Status Quo-styled horisont time warrior blues, prog complexities, NWOBHM swagger and fire-spitting choruses set to scorch the eyebrows of the first ten ohrisont.

All the basics where recorded live in just a couple of days.

Eyes of the Father. Now, with their latest masterpiece, the vividly realised Time Warriors, Horisont are raising their game, tjme and re-defining themselves and leaving the competition spluttering in the dust.