Hello, i just downloaded and sync my tecno phantom unto phonecopy, what i needed to do was to backup and save my contact which i hope phone copy can do However, what i got was that all my sms was backedup, but instead of my phone contact backup, it was my gmail contact that was backup. YOU may email me also Hi, if you can’t download PhoneCopy from Google Play, try direct link from our web site. Nix Sync Nix Sync is a quick and dirty app to dump the address book and other information in your phone onto your SD card. Hi, did you have internet connection?

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Hi, what android version you have installed? If you also want to hfc all your data from PhoneCopy service, visit https: Hi, if you have Htc explorer a310e sync registered to Google you can synchronize PhoneCopy. Gallery allows users to copy camera shots from the HTC device to the PC and also to sync custom folders containing photos and videos from the PC to the mobile phone. It is general settings of your android phone. The phone has contacts.

I have a lot of contacts which only has email address. I accidentally said “yes” when phone copy asked me if I wanted to synch explkrer SMS. Please contact our support team and we will solve the problem.


Free HTC Explorer Ae (HTC Pico) Syncroid Software Download in Synchronization Tag

I just got email: Hi, it looks your problem has no relation to PhoneCopy. 3a10e this the case? After all the required modules have been installed, a HTC Sync icon will appear in the Windows taskbar suggesting the user to connect his mobile phone. Can you explain what problem you need to solve?

First time sync will be “slow sync” and another one should be already “fast sync”.

Please help me cause I don’t know how to make it work. Will I be able to move contacts to my andriod? You will find it under Deleted Messages button and you can restore it to active messsages list. The installation process is easy and does not require the phone to actually be connected to the PC.

The solution of your problem is ot restore contacts from Htc explorer a310e sync Contacts folder. Appreciate your help here. The transfer of the names and phone numbers goes OK but the address data is not transferred.

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I have epxlorer set a reminder to perform the backups now. Please contact your servis or operator. In the app it wanted me to go through one of 3 routes-gmail, Htc explorer a310e sync or SMS.

Sorry we are not support for general android questions. After first sync, it is possible that the contacts go to Deleted xync on the server. Is it that Samsung which doesn’t work now? Thanks for repairing the incompatibilities with Nougat.


I can se active and 0 deleted contacts only. Recently i lost my old phone samsung galaxy s3 so today i tried to synchronize the contacts from phone copy server to a my new phone Motorolla Droid Razor But when I try syncronizing, it gives an error message “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago”. Please use “Forgot Password or Username” link which you will find on the home page. Htc explorer a310e sync that point on, what you do on the phone will instantly update on the web and what you do on the web will update on your phone.

If you do not see anything on the login screen, try to create one contact in the phone choose the proper database and repeat the login process. In 7 days, synchronizations with your account will be disabled until you solve the issue. Restore them at https: What should I do to get it work?