Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei model: So I am giving the solution for unlocking of Aircel Huawei E, that involves firmware and software update. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Whenever i click on the download link it shows: Best Free File Compression software for Windows.

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Huawei E support – Update your driver. – Three

I would like to have indian firmare which i can use any network. Huawei modems unleashed Having spent a weekend firmware-updating, speeding up, network-unlocking, and making interoperable between computers and a Netgear 3G Mobile Boardband router a pair of Huawei modems, I thought huawei e1750c dashboard be useful for my reference -and maybe for yours- if I were to write up a few notes. My firmware version is the same as the one used by that person who has it working fine.

I think the network base-station infrastructure isn’t very up-to-date in my location. For the unlocking of Huawei E dongle, you need only three software which you can download from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

Eject the flashmemory, which should appear as “Huawei 3G” or similar designation Finally unplug and replug the 3G modem. Post Your Comment Cancel reply. As per the 3rd image huawei e1750c dashboard above, next MA chip, there looks some kinda copper port, is that antenna port?

How to Unlock Indian Aircel E1750 (Huawei E1750C) Modem Free?

I guess I also ought to write up how to manually create a dial-up netowrking connection for a USB 3G modem at some point.


I did nt get the prompt for unlock code it simply says the sim card is invalid contact customer support. I hope you found this useful, and it enables you to fix some problems you’re having in less time than it might otherwise. Oct 15 Seems like we huawei e1750c dashboard ourselves e175c.

Connect huawek inner to the antenna gold clip and the screen to the body of said huawei e1750c dashboard connector. But seeing as your problem hasn’t been fixed, you can still get help. I removed the software from my computer and re-installed it.

Now in the market, customised and un-customised, both firmware modems are running. What were you doing? The modem ‘virtual CD’ would kick in and begin to start the software installer which I cancelledbut hawei modem part of the device wasn’t being recognised On further investigation, the systems both Win XP and Huawei e1750c dashboard 7 seem to be a e170c flaky about recognising all the modem capabilities in particular the ‘modem’ and COM-port interface part as opposed to the CD-ROM part depending on which USB socket it’s plugged into and maybe relative to which USB sockets have previously had drivers installed.

Huawei E1750C Firmware

Now the original flashmemory and, dasbhoard a microSD-card is present, also the microSD-drive will appear as drives. To start with, the E was definitely network-locked to Orange. Disconnect the internet and close the software of modem.

Next is to try doing the same to the E and see if the Windows 7 machine with E drivers installed will then recognise it.


My dashboard is updated and with voice Now put the unlock code and click on unlock. Congrats – it’s unlocked! I tried to unlock E by following all the steps. Universal master code calculator.

Next you need to enter an AT command to run the unlock-code, for which you require a terminal-emulator program. If you’ve come across this problem, solved it, or know whether the same issue affects the newer Netgear MBRN then please email me! I wonder if this depends on whether the operator, firmware or dashboard. Not wanting to get firmwares from dubious sites, I downloaded the firmware update from the German Vodafone site not sure why, but the German Vodafone website seems to be a repository huawei e1750c dashboard firmware updates, even the UK technical-support send customers that way.

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Hey jigar, can u help me out in getting this customized software? Just bring a tiny lead out as suggested and terminate with a CRC9 socket. Run the Huawei modem code writer tool.