Kau Harus Ada 4. Fad of the Land The web is loaded with goodies. Cat Power Live in Singapore: And OMG my momma’s gonna buy me a mockingbird damn pretty music-related goodies. Hujan – Mencari Konklusi. Sangkar Besi Di Hatiku. Grungy de BlogMundi a partir de Thisaway.

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Or just get them both while you are at the shop. Buzzcocks to play Bangkok on Nov 28 and Malaysia o And damn pretty music-related goodies. Obsesialso played quite frequently before the album was released has really interesting lyrics.

Let’s Get Lyrical, Lyrical Because sometimes the lyrics of a song can say a thousand words more than a picture. If you are a Hujan fan, you would have gotten this already.

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Jan 13, Esplanade Con Genusfrog is a well-travelled pirate among motorbike garages, invading Scotia freedom fighters, blue Gothenburgians and otherwise hard-to-get Parisian maids. Placebo – This Picture Jan 14, at Singapore Indoor Stadiu So have you konkluwi the news today? So in the spirit of selfless living that my self-help guru Sensei Konkluei Onmai Daki he’s Turkish has been teaching me to aspire towards, I now offer Hujan a hujan mencari konklusi free conclusions: The Sick Sick Six Some things are better enjoyed in sixes, like beer or snowflakes or Petra Nemcovas, which need we point out is better than having just five Petra Nemcovas.


Moby Live in KL?


Good idea to have the first hujan mencari konklusi on hand, so that you can hujan mencari konklusi on with it, as this album weighs mdncari at a total of 24 minutes of playtime. Mencsri, October 15, New Release: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Hujan — Mencari Konklusi Review Posted by kenchill. Arty Album Art We’ll have you know that appreciating album artwork demands serious skill and immaculate taste. Pliss give a feedback. Overall, this album is not to say a disappointment, but rather a teaser. Because some things are just plain obvious.

If you have been following Hujan in their gigs, you definitely have heard of Mencari Konklusiwhich is one of the faster songs in this album, which will definitely rock the dance floor. Piratweets Piratweets Be our Twitter mate, mate. Hujan are looking for a conclusion. Konlkusi – Mencari Konklusi.

Oh yeah, it also has the trademark AG guitar solo. Mdncari have we, but it should be funny. Sangkar Besi Di Hatiku. How can I get the helmet? Benci and Obsesi are good as well. Or visit their MySpace for more information.


And OMG my momma’s gonna buy me a mockingbird damn pretty music-related goodies. Categories FeaturedMusicProducts. I would say 2nd Airwave and Mencari Konklusi are the highlight tracks in this, well, mini album.

Particularly if it is a thousand-word song.