You can see a bulge due to the large camera senor. You can also set SD card as default write disk to install apps and also move the compatible apps from the phone memory to the SD card. The back cover has a familiar leather-like finish, but the build quality is just average. Check out some camera samples below. The default video player can play videos in a range of formats in full HD p resolution smoothly.

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Glad they did not include any bloatware that occupies internal memory. The build quality of the cover could have been better. You can check out more Nuclea N2 camera samples here.

Compare IBerry Auxus Stunner vs Lava Pixel V2

It has the usual set iberry 2.0 utility apps and Google Apps. Is the iberry Auxus Nuclea N2 better than other phablets? It has power saving mode in the battery settings, that limits the CPU use to save power. It also has EIS software image stabilization.

Since the .20 has to power the huge screen, battery drain is mainly due to display.

iberry Auxus Nuclea N2 Review

The phone has a secondary microphone, so the audio is crisp. Rdio acquires Dhingana, to launch in India later this year. Viewing iberry 2.0 are good too.


We unboxed the smartphone last week. Build and the camera are just average and the battery iberrry is decent. The phone resembles the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It gets scratched easily even when you place it on a rough surface. We already brought you the unboxing, benchmarks and the photo gallery jberry the device. Overall the gaming performance was decent and the graphics was pretty good, thanks to the quad-core Mali GPU.

ClearMotion feature in the display settings is iberry 2.0 to improve the video fluency. You can see the huge battery, SIM card and the micro SD card slot when you open the plastic back cover. There are the usual set of proximity and ambient light sensors, next to the earpiece. Google Smartwatch made by LG rumored to sport 1.

Check out the gaming review. iberry 2.0

There is a large 8-megapixel auto focus camera sensor next to it, but it can record only at p VGA resolution. You can also set SD card as default write disk to install apps and also move the compatible apps from the phone memory to iherry SD card. The phone feels huge to hold in your hand and place inside your pocket.


Wish iberry had offered smaller ear buds. The phone iberry 2.0 8. The micro USB slot ibefry two connectors, similar to the Note 3.

iberry Auxus Nuclea N2 Review

The phone can record videos at p full HD resolution at 30 fps. The loudspeaker grill is present on the back.

There is a large home button below the display, similar to Samsung smartphones. Sides of the phone have ibfrry metal finish, including the volume rocker and the power button.

Compare IBerry Auxus Stunner vs Lava Pixel V2: Price, Specs, Review | Gadgets Now

We tested several games on the phone. Low-light shots without flash had a lot of noise as usual.

Even though the phone packs a mAh battery, the battery life was not impressive.