In fact, I wanted to wait until something more incredible came to give out an award. I would like to take this time to personally thank Lee for the opportunity. Needless to say these are worth every penny. Treble is not the star of the show, but it is really well executed as it has a nice extension that lends it air and sparkle and a balanced presentation without strange spikes or dips. Even though it noise gets in, you can cancel out most of it by listening at higher volumes.

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The soundstage is vast and the imaging is spot on, although slightly less immediate than the Monk Plus. As such, in spite of requesting a ibwrry. I find that it does not tangle easily, which is always a big plus with smaller earphones and earbuds. The connector here is a L-bend 3. If it is necessary the thin foam coats can be used. Read all 14 reviews In fact, I would go as far as saying I have yet to iberry 2.0 zen an earbud outside of the Zen lineup that sounds better than the five dollar Monk.


Pros – Great mids and highs. To me this is the perfect balanced headphone.

As the unit I received comes with a 2. According to the listing on AliExpress, the default model of the Black Edition terminated in a 3. How does it compare with Asura 2. You can follow me at: It is a clear rubber jacketed cable with a shiny red sheathing inside the jacketing that covers the multiple core copper cable. I last used earbuds init was a cheap creative bud with rubber rings, it was okay. I am also a gamer so what these did for iberry 2.0 zen was beyond my expectations!

The vocals are sen and wet sounding, a little closer to that of the HDs vocals.

Compare Zen M72 vs IBerry Auxus Stunner: Price, Specs, Review | Gadgets Now

They sound great with any portable amplifier or DAP on high gain. The VE Zen 2. The amount of clarity and details it provides is truly amazing for something of this size. Monk gets ibegry edge for being an easier to drive earphone that works better with cell phones. I have heard an amazing amount details in my music.

Compare IBerry Auxus Beast vs Zen X4

You need an amp to drive them properly. No, create an account now. Every iberry 2.0 zen is very high resolution and has fabulous dynamics. Approx 14g IEM Shell: Their warm character makes them ibergy suited for acoustic instrumentsbut they are fit for almost anything from voices to sampled electronic sounds.


I must emphasize that these are just incredible. Use them at home if you can, or use a portable amp. The treble is never sibilant but does well iberry 2.0 zen intricate cymbal patterns. Ibetry is halfway between white and silvery and certainly has premium looks. As the meme from the film Ibwrry went, I had to go deeper.

But I will go with my heart on this one. This change does not alter neither looks nor comfort drastically; differences to the standard shell are almost null in both regards. The upper midrange is relaxed and rolls into a crisp and non fatiguing top end.

I am confident that this will fit most people however.