Memorias De Un Hechicero 7: This is a concept album, which express a posture totally anti – nuclear, anti – war, a pacifist posture. But sometimes these pieces do not sound that tightly connected, while the epic lacks a trully killer melody to rely upon. This is not a studio album but a boxset that contains the first two albums of that mexican band “Iconoclasta” and “Reminiscencias” At the same time, I think that the composition of the songs in the album, the same as the arrangemements, really were a hard work and I think that both things really took them a long time, and they really sound like they rehearsed the songs a lot. And here is when “Reminiscencias” appears, it was the year of when they created this album, but actually it was released until because of a big earthquake in

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This is a concept album, which express a posture totally anti – nuclear, anti – war, a pacifist posture.

Iconoclasta/Reminiscencias – Iconoclasta | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

This approach makes sense since it is a concept disc, centered on the evolution of techonology and its subsequent determining role in the degradation of the environment: I think that their musical influences are from bands like Premiata Forneria Marconi, Banco, ELP and King Crimson, but at the same time they have their very own recognizable musical style which shows their Mexican roots very well.

The result is partly succesful. Latest members reviews I heard this album iconoclasta reminiscencias a decade before I finally found it in a catalogue to import, and some of the tunes kept in my mind.

Fuera De Casa 8: I highly recommend it, give it a try and enjoy it, im sure this has been one of the best prog albums iconoclasta reminiscencias created in Mexico.

And here is when iconoclasta reminiscencias appears, it was the year of when they created this album, but actually it was released until because of a big earthquake in Iconoclasta reminiscencias cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 2 items. So, as a band they sound very well. El hombre sobre la tierra 9: This is not a studio album but a boxset that contains the first two albums of that mexican band “Iconoclasta” and “Reminiscencias” And at last until their debut self – titled album was released ,which is a very comfortable album, with 7 good songs, not the best, but all well done, showing us their particular style, and their jazz folk rock sound above describedand showing us too that bands like Focus were in their mind, i found a clear influence at least in a couple of songs.


I have done the reviews of this two albums, because of that i wont review here song by song etc, but you can see my other reviews, what i will say here, is that i highly recommend this “box set, double album compilation”, if you want to start digging this band, this is an excellent choice.

I would like to rate it with 4 and a half If you dont know, Iconoclasta is maybe one of the most representative bands in the prog scene in Mexico, is one of the pioneers ,of course not the first, buy maybe the first to envolv show a blend of musical imagination, very creative iconoclasta reminiscencias where we can listen from jazzy tones, through folkish sounds to symphonic rock.

Iconoclasta/Reminiscencias – Iconoclasta | Releases | AllMusic

The music at the start of the album is almost “quiet” but with the passing of time iconoclasta reminiscencias becomes more heavy and complicated, with some changes in time signatures which sound very well. Forum iconovlasta Forum password. Recommended iconoclasta reminiscencias, especially if taking into consideration the dark age of its release.

The album is a concept album with a statement against nuclear war and with some ecological messages. All the members in this band really shine in their performances, but particularly Victor Baldovinos is a very good drummer.

The seven part suite ‘Reminiscencias de un Mundo sin Futuro’ manages to comprise the different moods conveyed respectively in each one of the previous tracks all through its minute duration, making it a perfect compendium of the whole album as a unit.

Dreamy symphonic keyboards, HACKETT-ish guitar workouts, a very strong rhythm section, while you should add the acoustic break and the following female chant to complete the whole atmosphere.

Only the second track recalls the fantastic inspiration of Iconoclasta’s debut.

There is also the presence of two female members, and there are some very good femalel vocal choral arrangements in some parts, and a female lead singer iconoclasta reminiscencias sings like she is singing an “opera aria”. But the recording and mixing of this album is very good, with maybe the passing of time showing that it sounds a bit dated. Anyway, this is iconoclasta reminiscencias very good album from a very good Mexican Progressive Rock band. The reminsicencias and inner art of this 2 CD boxset is really amazing.



Latest members reviews First: You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. So i think it was a great debut, and i repeat, Iconoclasta is reminiscenciss very representative prog band in Mexico, one of the “Dinosaurs”, sadly Progressive Rock in Mexico is not iconoclasta reminiscencias difussed, anyway they created this first album, which was the preamble o their best.

Despite the little presence of vocals there’s a chorale section somewherethe listener may notice a certain dramatism in the compositions contained in the suite, which is no surprise given the apocalyptical nature of its subject.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. All of the musicians iconoclasta reminiscencias show to really know how to express themselves very well using a lot of “musical and technical vocabulary” which obviously the formal musical training can provide.

I think that the recording I listened from this album in youtube was taken from a LP copy, so the sound is not very good. This time the band chose to deliver an even more symphonic style compared to their debut, which is actually a iconoclasta reminiscencias thing considering the great talent within the band, but the new effort lacks the great energy of their debut with the short opening ”La Genestacion de Nuestro Mundo” sounding more like a piano-based introduction than a complete arrangement.

After listened to it several times, im sure that this album is great,im sure that it could be great for you all, symphjazz and prog fans, i really love it, as i said above i think this is iconoclasta reminiscencias favorite and maybe this is their finest and most beautiful work.