At every point in history, a man has emerged to show the rest of us that one life at that point in history will have a greater impact on the world than the billions who survive during that period. In reference to the Cosmic Presence, the common ‘omni’ references have been: Attempting to understand God is ignorance. So too in surrender, you are giving up the lower self in order to gain the higher self. If you want your life to be music, then make yourself as His instrument.

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If you want your life to be music, then make yourself as His instrument. In fact, it is your faith that is making your God work.

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The three red dots. After all, it is an illustrious list of infinitheism prayer of thinkers. Empirical realities and governing laws constitute the Existential Order. If so much about your life is right, isn’t it obvious that there is a Hand above you that is carrying you through!


What began as a coincidence and purely circumstantial has now evolved into a sacred minute: Faith may be beyond our comprehension, but the results of faith are there for all of us to see. Pyramid to human development. What is the significance of And i am always infinithiesm to You Like breathing and heartbeats you are an integral aspect of me. However, Infinitheism prayer provides growth only under favourable circumstances.


Yet, all of them have experienced the miraculous power of faith in their lives. As a result, at infinitheism prayer given time, the number of unfulfilled desires in man is greater than the number of fulfilled desires, causing all the agitation in him.

Love Abundance in Love. Like ideas which prater more powerful than the mind that gave birth to them – for ideas have the power to live on much after infinitheism prayer mind that created them has turned to dust – faith too infinitgeism more potent than the ‘object’ on which the faith is directed.

Not able to understand God isn’t ignorance. Do what you have never done before. We all act depending on our own individual capacities. We need a path that does not ask man to “Give up his materialistic life,” but shows him the way to “Go up by integrating his materialistic aspirations with spiritual centeredness. It will divide the world further. It is by transcending your identification infinitheism prayer your mind, intellect and emotions, you will annihilate your ego, and thus transcend the perceived duality, infinitheism prayer for the first time you experientially experience that God and you are always one, the state of Unison.


Throw yourself into the unknown. The more and more you are aligned to the Existential Order, the greater and greater you experience His Grace.

It could be your parents from whom you inherited the basics of life. The object of faith is just incidental. The sacred symbol of infinitheismrepresented by the three red dots infinitheism prayer called Ratria. History is not just about dates.

We must denounce all feelings of superiority and inferiority derived out of religious fanaticism. Infinitheism prayer, in the context of spirituality, by surrender you are just making God a major partner in your endeavours. Even if you know nothing about the examiner, if two plus two is written as four, you are certainly right.

Her God is powerful because her faith is powerful. We can only evolve through the phases of relative ignorance to relative maturity.

God is to be felt. Take a daring plunge. Make a rebellious move. You are an evolving consciousness.