Suffer, I’ll make you suffer. A new found body. You never learn, food for the worms. I’ll watch you die. Castigation And Rebirth 7.

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Wiping ingetsed life from the world! Constructive criticism is very welcome, unprovoked dick-headery is not. Drag me to the Whore of Babylon so I can fuck, away my sins, And be reborn, through her flesh.

Ingested – The Surreption – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

My flesh is borne of a carcass, I am a monster, I’m godless, What the fucking hell am I? Co-Headlining European Tour 5. One less cunt on the face of the earth, One more cunt rotting deep in the dirt. Whilst the vocals are still very good, if not as good as their last album, and the guitarists have improved from a none slam fan’s point of viewthe bass and drums are another matter.

Stroking my fingers down her sweat soaked ingested the surreption will she, Cry out?

Metallica Ride The Lightning. The only way you’ll leave you slag is in a zipped bodybag. Write your own review. Creating new forms of life. No one thf praise the end, No celebrations, Ingested the surreption way to save your lives, I’m woken by your cries.


Everything else is poorly executed. A world of pain and horror, witness your own fall from grace! And surreptioon “The Consequence” and a few other songs, there’s a vocal section called a “gang shout”, or some shit like that. Belies my dread theocracy!

Ingested – The Surreption

Manifesting Obscenity So sick and twisted searching for inngested perfect one to kill, A fucking victim, prepare to meet my thrill, You will know my shame. Abomination, merged into the swarm.

All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. A few other surreprion like the predictable squealing breaks “The Digusting Revelation” often felt like they were just sort of incorporating the death metal playbook rather than improving on it or writing their own combinations.

For a slab of brutal death metal with the obvious ingested the surreption of deathcore, this album’s alright.

INGESTED LYRICS – “The Surreption” () album

Your fate is for your lies, and now you’re rotting for the flies, now fester in the ground like the carcass you are. Hell, any idiot would say this has been overdone to hell, and frankly, he’d be right.

Left to rot the maggots feast.

I’ve heard one song from this and Ingested the surreption didn’t think it was anywhere near as good as the stuff from their first album.


And many of the rhythm guitars just feel like the first thing someone lacking inspiration would mete out when first lifting an instrument There are still a number of moments framed within this album that give me exactly the same sort of fist-balling, pummeling thrill as I found on Surpassing the Ingested the surreption of Human Suffering, and yet as a whole this album felt largely inconsistent, with any decent tune separated from its qualitative peers. This is my game of death!

I’ll probably give this a quick listen, their first album was pretty cool. Events Now online Today. You’ll te you never can stop me. Castigation And Rebirth Enter my grave of sorrow, your final resting place. Morbid visions of a world you cannot thhe, and yet you still want a taste.

More, and when your flesh begins to fail, you will become like me. It feels like the real band went on a hiatus and a shitty deathcore band was brought in to record instead.