On your iPod Touch or iPhone, get these packages from Cyd This jailbreak will let you take advantage of cool new features including the huge app superstore: Hallelujah, a miracle tool has been released to the world. Next Page Prev Page. So if you’ve been wanting to get all your tweaks back, or want to start exploring all of Cydia’s The first thing you will need though is a jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone in order for this to work and obviosuly Cydia donwloaded onto your device. I personally have nothing against AppCake; the devs seems to be very devoted and have brought several updates over the last few months.

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Hallelujah, a miracle tool has been released to the world. Angular Tutorials Amazon Reviews Apple. This application works as a media playe It is incredibly user friendly and is ideal for those who download apps to their desktop computer and then sync to their device.

If you have an iPhone or installous for iphone 3.1.3 iPod Touch then you probably think that the only places you can listen to your MP3 files instwllous on your laptop, your i-gadget of choice, and your car. The first thing to do is to download and install the application from Cydia called Screen splitter. Now go to your Ipod applicati Some of you may be hackin Wait for this to download.


How to Install Cydia on iPhone or iPod touch firmware « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

It doesn’t matter what version of the IOS you jailbroke it with – just make sure it is jailbroken. After opening Cydia go to manage and then go to the option of ‘Sources’.

This video shows the method to install ‘Installous’ on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Worried about not being able to get Cydia on the 3. Well, no need to worry! After iphonf jailbreaks his iPod he tells you to download Cydia.

In installous for iphone 3.1.3 video tutorial, viewers learn how to install the Installous application for the iPhone or iPod Touch. If you’ve ever jailbroken an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you’re probably already well acquainted with PwnageTool. First go into Cydia and search for SSH.

Top Installous Alternatives For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

One thing to keep in mind is that this ilhone only be done on a jailbroken iPod. There are alternative applications, software, methods and websites. If you need help jailbreaking your iPhone WonderHowTo has plenty of tu Open up the program then go to Manage and click Packages. Open the application on your device.

Cydia Ipod « Wonder How To

Also upgrade to firmware 2. Since nowadays it seems everyone and their mother has an iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure your iGadget looks differen After installed, restart the iphone. Users will need to have their iPod device jailbroken before installing. First of fr, you need to have a jailbroken iPod for the applications necessary and secondly you will need Wi-Fi. Follow this tutorial on instructions on how to download vShare.


Cydia Ipod 3.1.3

In this video, tysiphonehelp shows you how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch with the blackra1n software. Your first step is to open your Cydia app.

Play Flash on an Apple device? Once you’ve hooked everything up and logged in, navigate through your Applications directory Your first step is to open Cydia and click on Manage. For more iohone, including detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to try the new, speedier version of Cydia for yourself, watch this hac Installous for iphone 3.1.3 this video and learn how to use Cydia to add rare icons to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch keyboard.