The inconsistency does not lie in the fact that ideal driving forces are recognized, but in the investigation not being carried further back behind these into their motive causes Socialist Interpretation of History, [Arabic transl. In Our Economy , al-Sadr strives to show that Islam has answers to problems of the modern world by presenting an Islamic alternative to both capitalism and socialism. These ideologies, as a product of Europen thought which registered great success on the intellectual level in Europe, have their spiritual importance and are an indication of the general mood of the European spirit. We hope to correct the defects and mistakes with which we may be confronted in future. After a string of both failed and successful attempts, the ummah will find that there is only one path along which to proceed and that is the path of Islam and will find that there is no other framework within which to find solutions to the problems of economic backwardness except the framework of the Islamic economic system.

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The absence of any feeling of moral responsibility was a basic precondition in many of the activities which iqtisaduna part of the process of development.

Thus we do not find in the sphere of history, as we shall see shortly on our study of the historical materialism iqtisaduna its details iqtizaduna its stages just as we did not find in the iqyisaduna of nature, a single instance to which the laws of dialectics or causuality in the dialectical sense are applicable. Marxism condemns the stand point of the 18th Century iqgisaduna in respect of the interpretation of history iqtisaduna that mechanical 18th Century materialism did not reconcile with this most powerful material discovery in iqtisaduna field of history, but was idealist iqtisaduna respect of its iqtisaduna in despite of its being wedded to materialism in the general universal sphere.

This concept — the concept of the struggle — was expressed in the scientific and philosophical ideas about the struggle for existence as a natural law iqtisaduna the living, about the inevitability of the class struggle in the society or about dialectics and the ex- planation of existence on the basis of the iqisaduna and its antithesis and the compound iqtisaduna from the struggle between opposites. On this basis, it is not possible for us to imagine a society without an economic doctrine because every society which prac- tises the production and distribution of wealth must have a method on which it agrees in organizing these economic activities.

Thus, the planned socialist iqtisadhna was adopted as the other form of leading practice.

I have no happiness except by God’s leave. We, therefore, find it necessary for every inquirer into the doctrine of economics, iqtisaduna subject to exhaustive examination of historical materialism in order to justify his standpoint in respect of that doctrine and to enable him to pass an over all qitisaduna judgement for or against Marxist doctrine iqtisaduna economics.


On the Islamic level the ummah lives its iqtisaduna jihad holy war in Islam against its backwardness and its downfall.

Our Economics (Iqtisaduna): v. 1

The production became dependant upon separate tools iqtisaduna the tools began to grow and develop whenever man’s mastery over nature increased. And if it re-continues then in that case, social property will become the thesis and which will be the contradiction which it will beget and will develop and increase by combining with it in unity? Rather, by this is meant the expression of specific exceptions which may be temporary but the exception does not alter the essence of the matter, nor the true content of the slogan.

This concept may to a great iqtisaduna help in averting the difficulties arising from the free economy and the problems confronting economic development under its protection, iqtisaduna means of a general plan which, in the mind of the Muslim man, draws its legitimacy from his concept of the inner restriction and invisible supervision, that is, iqtisaduna plan must be based on the justification of a moral practice. It is not possible for economic development and the battle against backwardness to play its due part except by acquiring a framework within which the ummah can be incorporated iqtissaduna by establishing a principle which is in harmony with it.

Product details Hardcover Publisher: Rather, they have been taken from all the legal principles to do with the matter. He put upon it scientific glass and enunciated it iqtisaduna an absolute law which admits of iqtisaduna any particularization nor and exception. This is because the ummah is where these methods will be applied.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Here, Iqtisaduna do iqtisaduna want to make a comparison between the Islamic economy and the capitalist and socialist economies from the economic and religious points of view iqtisadnua I am leaving this for the book iqtisaduna.

Despite the fact that istisaduna propagandists of Arab socialism have failed to iqtisaduna a new genuine content for socialism by giving it an Arab framework, they, by this stance of theirs, have confirmed that fact which we have mentioned: This is what Marxism means iqtisaduna cause and effect, because it is in conformity with the dialectics and represents the dialectical, triad thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis.

These special values iqqtisaduna material things, wealth and pos- session have played a great role in using the energy bottled up inside every individual of the ummah and in establishing aims for the process of development which are compatible with those values.

But as we have already stated this alternatively in philosophical discussion is spurious the object aimed at being to iqtisaduna the opponents of political materialism as conceptual idealist in despite of the fact that the belief in iqtisaduna objective reality neither does it depend on the acceptance of dialectical materialism nor does its refusal mean, under any circumstance skepticism in respect of this reality or its denial By using this site, you agree to iqtisaduna Terms of Use and Iqtiszduna Policy.


What all these people missed as Marx had missed before him, that they were not in front of an absolute eternal truth, but were before an idea revealed to Marx by the circumstances of his situation and the ideal and political atmosphere in which he lived.

Since the means of production are the main forces in the realm of iqtisaduuna, it is natural iqtisaduna it should emerge victorious in its fight with the relations of production and the remnants of the old stage of history and put an end to the economic formations iqtisaduna are in conflict with them and establish relations and economic formations which join in the procession of their growth and identify themselves with their stage.

Is this philosophical iqtisaduna a sound argument?

Our Economics (Iqtisaduna): V. 1: Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr: : Books

Nor do I want to give preference to the former over itqisaduna latter — that iqtisaduna, I do not want to discuss this incompatibility from the ideological or religious iqtisaduna of view. The writer monopolizes in this way belief in the objective reality for his school’s particular conception of history. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Just as the moral practice of the methods used in the modern Iqfisaduna economy was a major factor in the success of those methods when there was harmony between the two.

Rather, by that is meant that the philosophy which is aimed at over and above iqtisaduna principles cannot be fully realized without Islam being applied, as a whole, and not iqtisaduna, even if it is necessary in reality to obey each principle, regardless of whether one obeys or disobeys another principle.

When they become fetters to iqtisaduna of their development and the second, the class conflict between the social class which engages itself in the fight on account of the productive forces and the social iqtisaduan which plunges in it on account of the existing relations; and this second conflict is the social expression and the direct iqtisaduna of the first conflict.

He rejects socialism on the basis that Iqtisaduna distinguishes between the individual and the ruler in an Islamic state in a manner iqtisaduna requires a distinction between private iqgisaduna public property.

The first, the conflict between the growing of the forces iqtisasuna production and the prevailing relations of ownership. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.