It requires iTunes 10 or later. Godfred30 February 24, , 6: But there stands that it is for 3. In the same time, jailbreaking is performed only if you install custom firmware on your smart device. In order to avoid further problems, do not launch iTunes until iREB finishes its job. HI all, Can any1 help me with bellow issue …? Florida August 14, , 7:

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Stupidly updated OTA to ios 6.

ireb for ios 3.x.x to 6.x.x Perhaps some of you might be a little bit confused with what this means for you, but in a few words, iREB grants us the possibility to start the jailbreak on our devices. This simple, yet useful 6.c.x, gives us the possibility to put any iOS device into a pwned jailbreakable state in order to upload various custom firmware on it.

If it detects that you are trying to restore to a custom firmware, the bootloader will tell iTunes not cor restore the device thus the errors. How to upgrade my iPhone 5. As long as you follow the exact steps indicated by the program, I am sure that you will not encounter any problem. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.


iREB, Download iREB R6, R5, RC4, for iOS 6.x.x / 5.x.x / 4.x.x / 3.x.x

Upgrading to Tl ReiBoot Pro for a small fee means you can also restore the original firmware in its entirety without losing any of your existing data. Content licensed under Creative Commons Hosted by: Orald May 10, Forgive me for not really understanding but what is it that i do from that point?

How can I use it? Now, the latest version called iREB R7 brings multiple new improvements and support for the iTunes error fixes. When Apple Logo appear press home and power, only press home botom and logo iTunes Restore conect to iTunes and Worked!!!!!

Anyone can help me to solve this problem? The irebr5 is for the 4 iphone I have the 4s. Is it safe to restore factory settings now? Florida August 14,7: As you can see, this new version of iREB doesn’t offer anything new in terms of features but it does include some ureb and improvements. Now, its compatibility has increased in time, and many iREB versions are now available.

Download iReb Mac/Windows to Jailbreak iOS 10/iOS 11/iOS 12

These files depend on each user and on each need, for every iOS device. If you happen to encounter any complications during the jailbreak ois, then you might be needing iREB. PoopYourFace January 22,8: Make sure your internet is connected and try again. Basically, its purpose is to put your device into a Pwned jailbreakable state so that you can upload custom firmware to it.


Free Download iReb for iOS 10/11 to Jailbreak iPhone

This is the latest iREB version available at this point. Download iREB 5 for Windows. Mykey January 23, It requires iTunes 10 or later. Ireb 4 is brill. After I used iReb to get past the iTunes errors, I installed the custom jailbreak.

So, what is iReb, and how can you use it safely to jailbreak your iPhone?

Andre August 8,4: Jailbreaking your phone is usually a straightforward and painless process. If you think that this tool is not that necessary, you should think again. Hi, I download the iREB file but its a.