Also, she has finished the Music Academy in Belgrade. Not as great as your last entry, but still really good. Top Tracks Add All to Playlist. Thank you, Anna Honestly, I think this song is much better than my last entry, but it’s the matter of taste Maybe it’s because I listened to it many times, so it has a special meaning and touch for me. For this choice and one of my favorite songs of all time I can only say:

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She also performed on RAI.

In first album ”Svetlost i senke” The light and shadows” she composed pop songs. Her last project was album ”Ovaj svet” This World ,this time without medieval elements, keeping influences of classical music, and adding rock elements. Another good entry from Serbia.

Ivana Jordan – Svetlo koje trazim

She is a succesful singer-composer and she has recieved many awards for her music – as a performer, but also as an author. But yes, sometimes a special connection to a song, or having heard it many times in the past, affects the way you feel about a song.


Copy and share link. She started composing jordn at the age of 9. Results to of This one grew on me! In she received an award Author of the year, among lot of other awards.

Recovery Password Recovery Password. And I found a song In the year she went to Italy and recorded some of her songs in english.

Oh I more than kinda enjoy it. Pogodak When you discover the song, say what do you think about it. Most of ballads I love, I got in love with them after at least 5,6 listenings. So far, like it but Kpje guess I need to listen it few more times to get final impression.

Ivana Jordan – Svetlo koje trazim

Last Jump to page: Michael Jackson Artist Info. Not as great as your last jorfan, but still really good. It is first time I have listened it. Too bad I can’t find any better quality of it, but it’s still awesome And I prefer it uordan Serbian, of course. It is kinda difficult to decide what do you think about ballads on first.


I really enjoy it, but I don’t love it to the same degree I did you last entry. English version of the song During LL I thought it would be the first time Serbia wouldn’t get any points from me, but listening to it once again, jorvan convinced me!

Before the appearance of her second album, her main focus was on international festivals joddan she could promote Serbian music and culture. Top Tracks Add All to Playlist. Stargazer liked this post. And of ivana jordan svetlo koje trazim, Serbian version all the way! Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The time now is Hilary Duff Artist Info. Toggle navigation Sound That. But I feel this is good one!