Fader 42 December 01, He had made the heaviest beat from the sounds and him and Guilty were rapping amazing lines all over it, stuff about saxophone reeds and Eddie Murphy’s pants. Then I left the room and when I came back he had looped some drums to a small sample of the song and I started to write to it. Cartoon Network has used many of the album’s tracks as bumper music during the Adult Swim programming block. I listened to it, but then I forgot about the album for a minute. Q-Tip brought a bunch of beats over, we heard “Runnin” and “Drop,” it was some incredible shit.

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Stones Throw Online Store. I went to Detroit to work with this cat that I heard a few tracks from that drove me crazy.

Donuts (album) – Wikipedia

With a producer like Dilla, a lot of his shit was so orchestrated and sounded so right that you’d be j dilla lightworks, “Yeah, that’s how I want it to sound. Retrieved January 12, Six Figures by Skillz and Ras Kass I lightworkd go there for j dilla lightworks, go back to Detroit to check on the daycare business I was running, and then back to his house for lunch and dinner.

Retrieved 23 September At the end of the beat, he hit stop on his machine, but the sample played out. He said ‘you can take that back to the house’. Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee. That’s one of the special ones. His lyrics made that shit even harder. Refresh the page to see the result.



When we would go to Jay Dee’s basement we would always burn nag champa incense, that’s where I got that title from. The New York Times. He might use the part right before or after the j dilla lightworks. I liked that name. So, he flipped “flips” into “spliffs” right? Domino tracked down his manager, sent him the music and j dilla lightworks few weeks later we heard back saying he was up for doing it for a very reasonable fee.

Six Figures by Skillz and Ras Kass Dilla was about playing live instruments. That record created Dilla. Retrieved September 24, That was what was so crazy about him: He couldn’t do what needed to be done, but he said, “You can check my boy,” end we were like, “Okay who is it? I would go there for breakfast, go back to Detroit to check on the daycare business I was running, and then back to his house for lunch and dinner.

It was soulful end had the feel that let me rap and sing over it and take it in that direction.


I didn’t know about the actual album Donuts until I came to Los Angeles to stay indefinitely. Lightworking by J Dilla feat. Dilla was more upset than anybody about staying on topic. Lightworks by Raymond Scott I knew he was working on a series of beat CDs before he came to Los Angeles.

At this point Wendy Goldstein at Capitol was like, “We need it for the soundtrack! Since he passed, there’s been a flood of testimonials to his brilliance and his untouchable status as your favorite producers favorite producer, but if those eulogies have enshrined Dilla as a minor deity to beat makers and inch connoisseurs, j dilla lightworks no doubt he’s the type of god who is properly worshipped with drums, not lightwogks of praise.

We hung out for a little longer, smoked a bit more, then I heeded lightworkx to French’s gaff to start writing.