That’s what makes this template JoomlArt – unique and suitable for This is the best way to work with any template. Create a new Menu with the name as “Foot nav”: Vertical Drop Menu – module joomla. They are just too cool to have. Blogging can be quite simple and hadny with K2. You have to name the images with right format so that the module can get right images to display in each slideshow item.

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LT Wine Shop – joomla template. JA Zite is complimented with JA Social feed plugin and one can import site from all popular social sites. The highlight of this Joomla template is its modern slideshow with special effect and animation.

OS Empire – joomla template. They are just too cool to have.

If you are new or confused, we recommend installing Quickstart on your localhost and use it as reference for configs. The module has been styled to match the template concept. After that, you create menu to display the items to front-end. JA Zite is compatible with Joomla 3 and Joomla 2. There are two ja zite template to make the content That’s what makes this template JoomlArt – unique and suitable for JA Zite is fully compatible with Joomla 2.


As you can see on our Demo, each parent category uses different template: JA Zite – joomla template.

JA Zite – Joomlart J Template –

Remember, HTML code has special div classes, which are required to get a display like on demo. You might also fall in love with these See our related products. This plugin allows you to add a variety of typo to templae article. JA Zite also intergrates K2 component. The template has content block and ja zite template side to display modules.

Live Demo Documentation Discussion. Inbuilt Google fonts configuration No need to worry on the limited fonts library, you get the built in Google fonts library – various fonts types and styles. Last comments RSMembership – component joomla cuong Click on this JA Typo button and then select the typo type as you wish. How to name slideshow images: S5 Hexicon Gamer – joomla template. Make sure to ja zite template each and every page on that demo. We provide the screenshot of the settings used on our demo website.


JA Zite – Joomla template documentation | Joomla Templates and Extensions Provider

ZT Gaspa – joomla template. These typography styles are specific to JA Zite template and if you use them in ja zite template content and later decide to change the template, the styles will be broken, yemplate these styles depend upon the template based css files typo. Please make sure your system meets the following requirements:.

For more detail, please check the documentation of the module. Using the platform T3 Framework 2, provides flexible configuration parameters.

JA Zite – Joomlart J2.5 Template

Zzite is a nightmare to editing the content behind this tamplate. For example, for the slideshow item 1, the image: Create a new Menu with the name as “Foot nav”: Follow this guide if you are not familiar with the installation procedure. This is the best way to work with any template.