Be sure that only the authorized people have access to your valuable databases. Instant Jingles with auto-gain reducing of the main audio While playing an instant jingle the main audio automatically reduces it’s volume option in the percentage you have previously selected. Need to play a file immediatelly? These elements could be musical beds or special program ID’s and intros. Advanced Spots Programming The spots programming interface of RS2 gives you the ability to easily program different spots at different days and times quickly.

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Jazler RadioStar | radio autotomation software

The new version fixes minor bugs which you can check here! RadioStar can work perfectly in a local network environment radiostarr provide unlimited workstations to the production, marketing and sales departments. Jazler RadioStar is the premiere radio automation package developed by Jazler software.

Feeling the need to change the start and mix time of a track? Preview your playlist from it’s beggining or from a selected point. The new version fixes minor jazle and has several perfomance improvements along jazler radiostar 2.2.30 new features.

RadioStar II is the latest radio product from Jazler software. Help Center Video Tutorials Manuals.

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Then right click and select your action. Check it out HERE. All available in XML format, so you can manipulate the provided data exactly as you want. Import Commercial Break Playlists Jazler RS2 can import programmed spots from external commercials playlist management systems. Jazler Software announces the withdrawal of Jazler SimplePack.


Network Rebroadcast Synchronization A new FREE plugin in Jazler that can synchronize the main radio station with simulcasting stations, so simulcasting stations can play local commercials while the main station is playing its own commercial break. Update for the Jazler24! Jazler also produces a customized reconciliation text file to be imported back to the playlister so you can make your jazler radiostar 2.2.30 playlists!

Do these changes easily using the improved Studio Monitor. The spots management system also gives you the abilty to adjust when your spots package will start or end. We strongly don’t recommend to use external soundcard.

More than radio stations worldwide. Sweepers Database Sweepers are the station jingles that do jazler radiostar 2.2.30 contain music background and can overlap the song playing. Jazler RS2 RDS is able to announce automatically, date, time, the song and the artist of each song, that is on air now.

For Television Jazler VideoStar 2. Edit any of your categories, add or remove blocks and modify your palettes as you wish, without entering the Studio.

JAZLER Radio Automation Software

Jazler has the full features of an automation, like programmable playlistsjazler radiostar 2.2.30bumpersprogrammable and manual graphicsprogrammable and manual pass-through of up to three video lines where you can also add graphics to themaudio leveling with radjostar a compressor or AGC. RadioStar has all the features a radio automation package needs, with an easy to use user interface, the least needed menus and buttons to complete a task and automated features to save time.


Reports jazler radiostar 2.2.30 Print your spot reports in a stylish document that includes your logo and info. Plus you can edit the text that comes before the song title and artist.

It’s so quick and easy! Jazler also automatically cues the files to avoid silence. Instant Jingles with auto-gain reducing of the main audio While playing an instant jingle the main audio automatically reduces it’s volume option in the percentage you have previously selected. Edit your databases with Jazler Workstation, from any of your computers, at the same time that the Studio is on air. It also gives you the jasler to play random spots based on a list at specific times mostly used for station ID’s.

Jazler Software announces the release of Jazler VideoStar2. Preview jazler radiostar 2.2.30 Spot Breaks, once you have previously selected the date and time, the playlist will be loaded. Just click on the song, and change its properties from the menu that will pop-up.