Also its always recommended to install java in a folder which does not have a space in its path name. What exact command and parameters are you using to start the server? Please see the JBoss Messaging user guide for instructions on how to do this. My extarcted directory is: You have take this one step at a time. This system was installed as the root user with no jboss created on Fedora 8 32 bit

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Could you please tell me where to find the configuration file for the Queue? The reintroduce jboss 5.1.0 ga ‘su’ lines and run it again while logged in as root.

So i changed it to JBoss 5. JBossASKernel] main and supplies: Looks like the path E: Well you are right about the “all” folder and the “default” folder. Couldn’t find it anywhere in my JBoss directory or in my Eclipse projects as well. But now when i enter http: One other thing – do not install JBoss or Java in a folder containing spaces.


Problem 5.1.0 Deploying MDB bean. Hi Peter, I bought your book! Check the attachement on how you do it. GA and now the run.

Tool Setup Instructions: JBoss

And i am tying jbooss start the server from my IDE all the time! TransactionManagerService] main Initializing recovery manager StandardEngine] main Starting Servlet Engine: ConnectionFactory 1fddfc4 started Here’s what I did so far: My friend developed a working JSP-Servlet code. When clicked “Run On Server”, i get an error like this and the server bjoss starts at all and this error keeps on coming in an infinite loop: How on earth is that happening??? Download 90MB Release Notes.

ServerImpl] jboss 5.1.0 ga JBoss Microcontainer [5.

I am in deep trouble now! You might run into weird issues.

Error While Starting JBoss GA!!! (JBoss/WildFly forum at Coderanch)

I am using JBoss 5. We are just going in circles here. Download 68 MB Release Notes. SimpleThreadPool] main Job execution threads will use class loader of thread: As i said in my earlier reply: ConnectionFactory started RARDeployment] main Required license .51.0 exist, view vfszip: GA server [0] started I can see what that jboss 5.1.0 ga path its picking up for the “run.


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Download 88 MB Release Notes. If you require assistance in making this move, please ask on the forums or contact your local Red Hat account representitive. Also its always recommended to install java in a folder which does not have a space in its path name.