I really don’t know if this plug-in work or not? Posted on 31 October Publicity links Carl Gaudreault 2. This extension is released under the GNU public licence But I do know the link to Siteground website worked! Posted on 27 May

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Posted on 10 February This plugin has been jhsckguard used by SiteGround customers during the past few years. The fact that it has disabled your site means that your’re probably using some extension that triggers its filters. In case that jhackguard is not jhackuard yet, please open a thread in the forums jhackguard we’ll do our best to assist you further!

However, we cannot say for sure without testing it on your website.

Hello, We have jhackguard tested the plugin and we can guarantee that the link does not stay after the plugin is uninstalled. Functionality This is just great, very very useful!

Why people put bad review? Took jhackguarrd 5 seconds. Serious issues with jHackGuard BotScout 1. However, I agree with everyone here who said jhackguard the back link is simply cheap, and makes the developers look more greedy jhackguard credible.


jHackGuard, by SiteGround Web Hosting – Joomla Extension Directory

And I still don’t know jhackguard it ever worked! Note to the JED Team: I just used it for a web and i will be using this for the rest of my sites.

I used the jhackguard version of JHackGuard, but my website was hacked again and again.

Posted on 05 February Support Trying, will update if I get some. You will see information about its functionality.

Simply, whenever a registered user, a blogger, attempts to sign in to their account front-end they’re faced with an invalid token error. SiteGround Web Hosting Jhackguard updated: This jackguard is completely free and its being supported through the SiteGround jhackguard.

jhackguard I had to turn off the jHackGuard plug-in so that it would re-enable their access. Functionality installed easily, needs webspace, nothing jhackguard. Nov 18 License: I don’t understand the bad comments that this extension has, well, it’s free and others make pay for the same or worst from that point of view it’s easy to understand it.


This works and its very easy to configure it Joan 1.

Functionality It installed well enough. No support Yvonne 2.


Posted on jhackugard September Support This is jhackguard great, very very useful! Poor, shame Mike 3. Thanks so much for this FREE security extension!

Jhackguard on 09 June I downloaded jHackGuard with enthusiastic high hopes and dreams that it would help protect my website from hackers.

Oct 05 Date added: Oct 05 Date added: So until it has a little more wear and tear I am not going to use it.