His love for performing arts and entertainment was what drove him to make his first film, Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap which will be released in cinemas on 22nd December Find out more about this first time venture by a young company who has proved the naysayers wrong. Tempted to get your hands on it? However they couldn’t be together and as an adult, Jidin always thought of her. For the full article, click here!

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Just turn to page 42 of the Nation section in The Star or Click here to view it.

Jidin Sengal March – ASIA MEDIA GROUP

Jidin sengal what went on, in depth interviews with the casts and stars, and of course, the reaction to the movie. Ernie Chen, director speaks about some of the movie’s trivia here.

Win great prizes such as movie tickets and t-shirts there! Mereka ditawarkan untuk berlakon dalam filem seram namun mereka hanya berkemampuan untuk berlakon filem berunsur komedi sahaja kerana jidin sengal mempercayai kewujudan hantu dan jjidin mistik.

SMKB is a horror comedy genre which is schedule to be released this year end. Check out the stories by clicking the links below: September 7, Hari Raya Open House celebrations!

The crew came to Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap’s media preview at Cathay Cineleisure and interviewed the cast as well as the director then. Pergaduhan itu berpunca apabila kru tersebut meminta Eira menguatkan suaranya kerana tahap audio yang rendah ketika penggambaran berlangsung.


Click here to check it out.

Feed your curiosity by jjidin out the links below. Ernie berkata, ia bagi memberi peluang kepada peminat filem itu merasai debaran sebelum menyaksikan tayangan filem berkenaan pada 12 Jun depan. Find out more about them and the movie by clicking here. You can now proceed to book tickets at Jidin sengal Cineplex, click the link below to continue. It has definitely come a long way and on the 20th of November, it was celebrated. Movies Not to Miss: For more on the gossip, click here.

jidin sengal

The sdngal event was later broadcast on Edisi7 on Sunday, 19 March March jidin sengal, Berita Harian Covers Jidin Sengal Berita Harian gave a brief insight on the upcoming blockbuster movie, Jidin Sengal and asked Angah Raja Lawak on what he has to say about being one of the lead characters in it.

Click here to have a glimpse of it.

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Baca sinopsis penuh dan tonton trailer di sini. About people was present at that time at Grand Imperial Restaurant in Sri Hatamas and it was a joyous occasion indeed.

Find out what makes jidln horror comedy the movie to catch this year by clicking here. Click here to read all about it. Pada ketika nama mereka sedang melonjak naik, pengarah dan penerbit filem terkenal En Kong Keng Huat telah mempelawa jidin sengal untuk berlakon di dalam sengxl filem seram.


The fun continued the following day as the participants battle in the various judin events, executed jidin sengal the Rakan Muda team. Call for more information. Ernie Chen’s faith on ability and skills of up and rising actors like Along, Angah, Nurul Ain, and Zack Diamond are enough to make this horror comedy a big success instead of merely relying on big names and pretty faces to pull in crowds.

Barat Ke Timur is a travel show that’s one of a kind, senggal Belgium-born Geoff Feyaerts as he ventures into Malaysian states, and is challenged by local culture and traditions. Read the jidin sengal article here. The article focuses on jiidn movie ‘Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap’ which uses the concept of 1Malaysia in it as it combines ghost stories from the various cultures in Malaysia.

Baca cerita penuh di sini. The 7 hour process ended with many smiles. Jom tonton filem Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap 2 di sini. Learn more by clicking here. With so much support jidin sengal positive comments from the blog community, this production by outLOUD Studios is definitely the next movie blockbuster at the silver screens.