When a driver gets an aura, they get a coloured effect around them and a speech bubble reading “Aura active! Click here to add a new tip Contents [ show ]. Upgrading is important in making sure your part is in prime condition. The player does not control the cars during races, and instead watches as their driver races the cars that they have improved and worked on beforehand. Max stats is based on lvl 6 cars and all upgrades using gold auras.

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Specializing your racing teams rather than making all three of them best at everything is the ideal approach. He also has the incredible Feedback utility skill, combining great driving stats with great utility. Ensure you keep the challenge races to a managable level to where you can beat them even if you are kairosoft grand prix story on depleted gas. His skill, Race Analysis, kairosoftt a sstory useful one and pairs insanely well with Feedback drivers. Using auras is an important part of upgrading, as it gives an permanently kairosogt boost to the kairosoft grand prix story of your vehicle.

Banana Car or Duck Car are both good vehicle targets as they are only Kaitosoft class, so still simple for a starting team to construct. Tough and Time Trial. It can be beneficial to keep track of what part of the race your driver has difficulty with, and train the driver in that area, or balance your car in respect to that flaw. Her skill, Cheer Squad, pairs well with Aromatherapy and might be abused at very high levels during end-game.


Her first skill, Race Analysis, is a very useful one and pairs insanely well with Feedback drivers. Your racing team is composed of two groups; drivers and mechanics. He is generally the first C growth mechanic storyy appear on the hiring list.

Drivers have 6 types of stats, 3 of which directly affect driving, and the other 3 affect sponsors, upgrade skill, and research point generation. Auras can be used in developing a new vehicle to increase its potential even further by getting higher bonuses during development.

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Using aurasespecially gold, is an important part, as it increases the amount the upgrade enhances. Each of these can be upgraded 5 times, with each upgrade on a specific stat grznd more each time. Drift Expert and Chaser. A good idea is focusing on your first play-through to just one vehicle and one part. The effect the aura grants is greater per level:.

Retrieved May 23, The amount of research varies between vehicles. His second skill, Race Analysis, is a very useful one and pairs insanely well with Feedback drivers. Don’t change your drivers, only choose in the start of the game and never ever change them.


Auras (Grand Prix Story)

The game was released to mostly positive reviews. The poll was created at Sponsors Grand Prix Story. Try searching for “Kairosoft” to see all of our games.

Her second skill, Hype, is the most reliable way in the game to trigger aura efficiently. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Endgame (Grand Prix Story)

You can still train while it’s being repaired, so get ready for the next race. Cat Rebel and more Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools. Drivers go through training which uses up their energy, their aura if they have oneand costs money.

After a vehicle races, it will need to be repaired. His super high IQ allows him to fully utilize his Feedback skill. GP Maniac and Adrenaline.