You know what I’m saying? Just as I’m thinking of what would be really useful, I think any of these applications I can do really deep integrations with tools and data would be really helpful. I think the warm-up artist is the base. Now I saw an article recently about a polling system. The article just sort of drops real quietly in the second half of the piece that there is a pre-orders and your response that was exactly what I was like, “Well, shoot. I’m telling you, that was one of the most peaceful weeks that I have ever had. These releases are meant to provide an insight into the creative mind of an artist and this edition shows that Karmon is in reflective, at times sombre mood.

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I didn’t quite know what to make of this, so Brooke, I’m going to start with you. Karmon feel it ep think my original background is definitely in literature and writing and I think I just have a soft spot for seeing arts and all those kinds of softer disciplines making karmn way into this technology world.

There’s a tasty Dub, too, for those who are vocal-averse. Just simply working in a larger corporate company, there are a lot of disparate technologies that I use every day. So the story fdel exactly that.

Y’all familiar with that? That would be actual work that I would rp to put on someone else, if I had a real assistant. Thank you for joining us. What differences and similarities are there between them? What is the number one use case?


I’ve seen a lot of the tweets about it from different karmon feel it ep. That was a great analysis on that and it’ll be interesting to see how Will. And it’s a conversational toy There’s so many issues with this. But it can only do the one thing, and it’s in that closed cloud that they mentioned. Nick, I want karmon feel it ep get your take on this as well especially with you being an Alexa Champion and doing different aspects of your work with Amazon. I find that fascinating.

And then when you go home maybe play with your smartphone and your voice assistant, so it’s definitely opening up a new landscape for people to to pick and choose what things they want to use their attention on rather than feeling like they have to have everything all the time.

Karmon Spiekermann has previously released EPs on Diynamic but now gets the opportunity to contribute to the label’s Picture series.

It’s what will replace the smartphone and that’s the trajectory that we’re on. But it’s a very cool technology as well, if it’s used the right way. And I’ve been meaning to download your rain sounds app. I ig love that. I’m iit to get y’all’s take on that. What is your take away from these stories?


In our shows we share tools, opportunities and insights for our career journey. Nick, do you agree with Brook or do you see this differently and how did these article strike you?

For This Week In Voice, thank you karmon feel it ep listening, and until next time.

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SolomunMagistro KarmojResident Advisor. Commute times, more free time that we have, there’s a lot of different factors but people want audio content. I really think it’s going to big over the next year or so. I say it every week, and it is true every week.

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So imagine being able to poll your readers or listeners as they interact with the content or even changing the content as you go through the story. There’s nothing about this product that in any way should be using the words artificial intelligence. It’s l-y-r-e-b-i-r-dot-a-i I think is what itt is. Number two, what else did you get out of the article? So yeah, I completely agree with both y’all’s sentiments on this.