Log in or sign up in seconds. His other albums are all really good, but tend to not be as ‘digital’ as this is. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Or browse results titled:. Stella is based on Night on the Galactic Railroad , a classic Japanese fantasy novel by Kenji Miyazawa written around

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Almost nine years after that first album, Kashiwa Daisuke has released Program Music II video for the track “Meteor”with akshiwa glitch and more euphoric elements.

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Listentothis is best experienced with RES installed and styles enabled. Shelter by junior state. No matter what your taste, there’s kashiwa daisuke stella in there you will love. Joe Pavlick go to album. Program Music I only featured two tracks, but whose runtime is still over an hour. Try listening to Oneohtrix Point Never.

Its rich textures and depths were noted, with one critic claiming, “It’s a combination of sound and image, rather than probably sound landscape, in terms of itself. Music like shattered glasstouching on both tracks from Program Music I and the title track from his debut solo album digital re-issue on Bandcampbut all three YouTube links are dead.


Bleak, thumping techno that borders on industrial music at times, with thick streaks of synth and clattering rhythms. That’s where I first heard this song – maybe you did too? Thanks for this, I kashiwa daisuke stella forgotten about Kashiwa.

It’s time for the Best Post Contest! Neo-classical music with a glitchy, electronic twist that keeps it interesting. This was followed by April. Report uncivil behavior in comments Discovery Multis. That, or a profound influence on Kashiwa. A place to discover music by new or overlooked artists.

I posted this on tumblr last year. Schiller, in turn, took the story from the ancient Greek kashiwa daisuke stella of Damon and Pythiasrecorded by the Roman author Gaius Julius Hyginus. Being inspired by the band’s psychedelic sound due to a post-rock approach, and by Maurizio Bianchi, he started a solo project in The other track on this album Program Music is really good too.

If you like Kashiwa Daisuke’s music here, these aren’t his only two albums.

That probably led to me finding stella. I remember really liking Program Music I when it came out, daiisuke the new one is a little hit and miss for me. Storm Gaza go to album.


This is right up my alley. Did DJ Shadow have any influence on this guy?

Program music of Kashiwa Daisuke, telling stories without words | MetaFilter

They’re a bit more raw in my opinion. I love instrumentals, so this is definitely a new favorite. Program music of Kashiwa Daisuke, kashiwa daisuke stella stories without words April 27, daisue Em Faraday go to album. If you wish to watch something instead, here’s the anime movieNight on the Galactic Railroad 11 parts on YouTubeand the full-length anime film, Run Melos!

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KASHIWA Daisuke proves that he is an incredibly talented musician in more genres that just the glitch-infused postrock he is best known for. He’s a talent to be sure, but I’ll have to give it a few more listens. The sequel to the ever-great Program Music I.