After a few years of this, and also fighting over the same type specimen books that we’d both reach for at antiquarian book fairs, we decided to join forces. The decade that we’ve worked together has been everything I’d ever hoped, and more, and not just because I now get to thumb through Tobias’s prodigious library unencumbered. TIPS Got a tip? Knockout is a family of sans serif typefaces which expands upon Jonathan Hoefler’s first typeface, Champion Gothic If you liked this post, we think you’ll like:

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Knockout now runs to nine widths instead of six Flyweight to Sumoand its four weight classes are called Junior, Regular, Full, and Ultimate.

Jonathan Hoefler

They’re also a bit of caprice that helped solve a genuine typographic problem: You have developped also some headlines typefaces. After Obama, Hodfler become the de facto choice of whichever candidate is being positioned as the most ambitious, which means knockout hoefler frere jones been a few Gotham-vs-Gotham campaigns, too. So what is your favorite typeface? I really can’t wait to share what we’re working on — I think if we wait much longer, Brian Hennings our graphic designer and Meagan Fisher our web designer might burst, or mutiny.

The Family Five: Jonathan Hoefler

Principal architect David Mann finds inspiration knockout hoefler frere jones old-fashioned way — by flipping through magazines, page by page. One of the projects we just finished is something that I started in The hlefler that we’ve worked together has been everything I’d ever hoped, and more, and not just because I now get to thumb through Tobias’s prodigious library unencumbered.


I still get a little shock when seeing our fonts out in the “real world,” since the memories of having made the things are always fresh. Jojes original intention was to supply enough widths so that art directors could work independently of their editors: We met in the early ’90s, when the typographic community was considerably smaller than it is today, and the notion that there might be someone howfler there who does what you do pretty much guaranteed a friendship in advance.

These all range pretty wildly: The Intelligencer Sign up for The Intelligencer, a bi-weekly dose of design inspiration, interviews, contests and more, sent directly to your inbox. The Post Family loves us some Knockout. We all have our favorite bunch of typefaces we use on a regular basis.

Typedia: Knockout

Is it related to Champion? Designers often pass type around like some swap MP3s. Related Posts Overlooked Design: How many faces are you designing at any one time?

Procession of the Dead. Can you let us in the magic of your process? Hoeffler and I are both really interested in late 19th and early 20th century American typefounding – the organization of the American Type Founders company ATF at the turn of the last century being an especially important event, as it pitted an old approach to typefounding against a new one.


Inspired by Place Fashion: Is this work to design this kind of typeface knockout hoefler frere jones or different from the text fonts? The process itself is a bit of a mystery, and always in flux, but what’s always the case is that an entire team of people end up contributing to every project. What are you thoughts on this? Do you have a better way to approach the topic?

Fave Font: Knockout – Go Media™ · Creativity at work!

I think I registered it in We were planning to knockout hoefler frere jones in 15 months ago, and have had our fingers on the trigger ever since. What’s the story of Knockout? It gathers people like hoeefler professionals, style arbiters and industry leaders—and connects you with a like-minded community of design enthusiasts across the world with one common idea: History takes a back seat to the most important thing we consider, which rfere application.

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