Save your work frequently. I really hope to see this one take off. Please take a look at Ktoon. WxWidgets is a great toolkit. Ktoon- 2D Opensource animation software Support. It takes after the animation studio formerly known as Moho, now known as Anime Studio.

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KToon also has its share of bugs that need to be ironed out. After featuring some of the best Free and Open Source 3D animation softwareit’s time to take a look at some 2D computer graphics program for Linux users who are into creating two-dimensional models.

A still-breathing version of the article can be found at Linux. KToon is not without competition. It might be worthwhile to see what additional features Blender would need for 2d animation and just work on adding those.

Ktoon- 2D Opensource animation software – Other Software – Blender Artists Community

But then building the wxwindows apps themselves becomes a mess configuring them so that the build configurations find the correct version of wxwindows. A good such program running in Linux sounds so cool….

The relatively new KToon calls itself “the open source animation revolution. KToon was designed for animators by the animators at Toonka. Now Gentoo the distro I use ktoon 2d animation come up with a bit of wizardry to have both versions installed at the same time. If you know of other free and open source 2D animation software that I failed to include here, please share them with us via comment.


The information is presented in a variety of different languages, and includes tutorials on making your first animation, creating different themes for KToon, general tips, and frequently asked questions.

KToon: Simple 2D animation

There is also the program known as Plastic Animation Paper; however, it is not free. I suspect that brining the additional features to ktoon to become a robust 2d animation tool would be quite a bit more time and effort than what would be needed to make Blender a robust 2d animation tool. The main goal of the project is to create a program that is capable of producing “feature-film ktoon 2d animation animation with fewer people and resources.

Ongnissim Ongnissim FishB8 FishB8 LetterRip LetterRip The community behind KToon is helpful.

These serve as kfoon for not only organization, but also as a means to help out in the animation process. KToon may see a bit more of a faster development cycle, due to its backing by Colciencias, the Colombian institute for the Development of Science and Technology, as well as ParqueSoft, a technological organization that gives backing to startup technology ktoon 2d animation.

Please take a look at Ktoon.

The guys need a windows license to make a windows release, so if anybody here have an unused license… They have also redesigned the UI ktoon 2d animation have made big progress in the plugin system and lost of other things! It takes after the koon studio formerly known as Moho, now known as Anime Studio.

ZanQdo ZanQdo Besides that, it lacks of keyframing feature for objects, which is very very important, but still is a nice tool to play with. There are many ktoon 2d animation freeware applications but virtually no 2D animation applications which is very frustrating. Well, I tried it ktoon 2d animation I think is very promising and has a lot of potential. A good such program running in Linux sounds so cool… Compiled… Opening… A lot of widows pop up!. You can find discussion boards as well as fairly helpful tutorials and support, such as frequently asked questions and mailing lists, anjmation the project’s home page.


They have also redesigned the UI and have made big progress in the plugin system and lost of other things! Ktoon has a feature called “onion paper,” in which the frame that is being modified can be transparent, allowing the animator to see the same general outline that the previous ktoon 2d animation had, which in turn allows subtle changes between frames to be created with less time and effort.

Synfig is capable of simulating soft-shading using curved gradients within an area so that the animator 2dd have to draw shading into every single frame. The reverse it true as well. NairbNairb NairbNairb These free 2D animation software is as capable as those that are commercially available so do take time to try them first before emptying your wallet.