Dec 05 Date added: Support Site not easy to use Ian 1. Posted on 24 July Kunena Stats By Kunena Team. Secret text editor to insert Kunena button a padlock.

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Kunena Stats By Kunena Team. Home Bugs Back Changelog Bugs. This module foruk the default Joomla login module and gives you more flexibility and custom redirection. Not rated 11 reviews. Want the latest changes from GitHub? Display 12 30 60 Generates a button on the Kunena forum at the post, which counts the number of users with similar problems to post. Functionality Simply the best forum for Joomla.

This feature was asked many times and now here it is. These builds are intended for testing purposes only and should never be used on production websites. Secret text for kunena By Iacopo Guarneri. Functionality A good Forum extension. The Kunena Statistics module enables you to display various statistics about your Kunena forum. I used this joimla Ease of use Ok to use, maybe a little confuse to beginners.


View instructions on how new languages are added.

How to add Kunena Forums system in Joomla

The Kunena Discuss plug-in enables you to kunena forum joomla 2.5 comments functionality to your website. Ease of use Quite easy, but there is place for improvement on the settings page. Kunena Team Last updated: EasySocial for Kunena By stackideas. The features are stated quickly. As these builds are snapshots of the latest code, it is more likely you may encounter an issue compared to the stable releases. Users can comment on any section, category, fforum article just like any commenting system, but user comments and discussions are stored in your Kunena forum though displayed on your articles.

Functionality Functionality is fodum, the new design is though quite a mess. Documentation Have some tutorials, but they are not practical guides, only explain more or less the features. Here is an overview of joo,la available parameters: The Kunena team is proud to release the latest version 3.


The search box searches your Kunena forum You can display just about anything such as top posters, top polls, most thank yous, and much more Between those you can write down your joomlw LaTeX code. This module enables you to add a search box in any module position. All public releases including versions no longer supported are available at https: Not rated 1 review.

The Joomla! Forum™

Language English Nederlands nl-NL. Ease of use Broke the initial installation I had working This module replaces the default Joomla login module and gives you more flexibility and custom redirection. Kunena Discuss By Kunena Team.