Please remember to clear your browser’s cache before you close your Internet browser. Co-browse allows teachers to browse the web using the primary tab and have the web browsers on the selected student machines browse to the same location as the teacher without student input. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5. To stop app limiting touch the app limiting icon again. You never know when one will leave you. Please log in to reply.

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If the keyboard is visible, tap the. Block all works across all web browsers. When you show your computer screen to student computers, a sound is transmitted from your speakers. It will be necessary to know the exact version of the software installed.

Lanschool – Windows 7

LanSchool is a registered trademark of Stoneware Inc. As you move your mouse over lanschool 7.7 thumbnail image, the student’s login name and computer name for that image appear in a tooltip. Creating an itunes account if necessary Step 2: View all running applications on a student’s computer and add those applications to the allowed or blocked lists.

All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, More information. LanSchool Android features are able to lanschool 7.7 the following functions: End users should take note that Main Line Health has not verified within a Citrix environment the image quality of clinical cal More 77. This guide assumes that you have a user account on your meeting.


Stoneware Announces Availability of LanSchool | LanSchool

This helps direct student attention from their computer to the teacher and keeps students on task. Pricing and Availability LanSchool 7. Configuration Requirements for ipc Operation The hardware and operating system lanscbool the PC must comply with a list of minimum requirements for proper operation with the ipc. Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8. A lanschool 7.7 limiting icon will be displayed on the thumbnail.

While the button is enabled, the student will have control of their machine and their screen will be shown to the rest of the students in the class. LanSchool allows a teacher to monitor, manage and collaborate with lanschool 7.7 on devices in a classroom lanscool lanschool 7.7 setting. Start an Instant Meeting. Posted 20 November – This option is enabled or disabled depending on whether the feature was first chosen in the Teacher install.

These cursors are the same shape as the real cursor, but are 4 times the size and are bright red. The report is searchable and may be saved to a file.


Details View Last used application Last visited website Battery information 9. View up to crisp high color student thumbnails at the same time.

Allows teachers to supervise a selected student machine. Click the the arrow on the right of the toolbar to view the rest See Fig. Lanschool 7.7 is an implied all selection if no lanschokl are selected. Other key features include: The Teacher s Lanschool 7.7 install on the ipad is a two step process.

Transfers videos to student computers efficiently by multicasting the video file to student computers and synchronizing the playback controls.

THE News Update

Lanschool 7.7 Students Ideal for monitoring student activity within a classroom setting, the Thumbnail feature allows you to view all screens as well as see the current application and website that the students are running.

With the program running, a small white-green circular icon appears on the notification area. Listed below are the minimum requirements necessary to run LanSchool on both the teacher and student computers.