Z N E Instrument Type: The easiest package to use is the ‘windows installer’. Three of these are detailed below. These are all documented in the relevant Lantronix manuals. Refer to Appendix E on page 31 for information on connector pinouts. To configure either press 1 Channel 1 or 2 Channel 2.

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Wiring details for the compatible plug, DE9M, as seen from the cable end i.

You may also be asked if you wish to use HyperTerminal as a the default terminal window. Access to the configuration menu over the serial interface can be obtained using any serial terminal emulator see Appendix D on page All the devices need to be on the same network segment as the PC. The increased code space allocation results in a one-time only reduction of a single lantronix device installer 4.2 page Use the tftp command or the Device Installer upgrade feature.

The address of the CD24 may be shown in red with the status Unreachable.

DeviceInstaller Download (Free) –

Touchsoft – YouTube Lantronix: Step 1 — Download and install the latest version of the Lantronix Device Installer utility At the time this bulletin was produced, the latest version of this utility was 4. See Appendix E on page 31 for connector pinouts.


If Windows open a security warning window click on Run. Enter ‘hypertrm’ and click on OK.

The Device Installer software is optional. A 12V DC power supply is recommended.

Telnet Com Insatller Cntrl: Note that DeviceInstaller will not work through routers or across the Internet. The module will re-boot with the new settings in effect.

This should be printed on a label on the case. After a few seconds, a banner will appear, showing the MAC address of the network interface, along with software and library version lantrronix.

See the following section for instructions. The two files you will need are:.

Scripting must be enabled to use this site.

Download and install the DeviceInstaller utility from the Lantronix Web site a t www. The detailed documentation is at: If you have problems connecting to the CD24 over a network, you can access inataller configuration menu over a serial lantronix device installer 4.2 by interrupting the boot process.

The dfvice panel will change to show the current properties of the device. It can be downloaded from www. Press the Enter key to access the set-up menu. Click on Serial at the bottom of the category menu on the left:.


DeviceInstaller (free) download Windows version

onstaller If you have a non-standard or classless addressing scheme, enter the number of bits of the IP address to be used for network identification. In the right hand part of the window use the radio buttons to select the Serial Connection type. Confirm the following settings next page.

To update these modules, use the DeviceInstaller software. Use with Access Anywhere for Windows Software. Three of these are detailed below. To save lantronix device installer 4.2 settings enter a suitable session name in the Saved Sessions field then click Save. Enter each octet and press Enter to move to the next octet.