Compared to M33, it is said to be less stable, buggy, offers less homebrew compatibility. Mon Aug 01, 5: But in case you missed something , this Article will give you an overview what happend so far in for the whole PlayStation-family. On all other models it’s temporary – they’re restricted to 6. Thanks again bud, please update your links to images if possible. Mon Mar 14, PS3BigFan, Jan 4, at 8:

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Aug 12, Dreamland. Thu Aug 25, 6: Mon Aug 01, ,e-1.6.rar ShinRyouma Feb 14, Nak Mar 17, This option allows the replacement of the vshmain module, which is loaded as soon as the PSP boots, with another signed custom vshmain module, which loads the flashed PRO modules upon start-up, creating a type of ‘Full’ custom firmware, in a sense that lcfw-6.60 me-1.6.rar automatically boots into CFW mode even after a coldboot.

Mon Mar 14, 6: I tried to launch it again and there is no uninstall me-16.rarattempting to reinstall OFW 6.

How can I play downloaded ISO files on my PSP v?

But what will bring to you? Lowbrassman04 Nintendo Specialist Joined: In order to install this firmware, the user’s PSP usually must already be on a Homebrew Enabled Environment or in an existing custom firmware. This Custom Firmware is also the first 6. In this guide we will discuss the differences between the major custom firmwares that are most commonly used by the PSP, in this modern time, helping you to choose the custom firmware that best suits you. Similar threads with keywords: Or point me to a tutorial to enable online game play on LME 6.


Wed Jul 06, 7: Thanks Ewan08, main post updated. Mon Mar 14, 8: Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. RocDockerLcfw-6.60 me-1.6.rar 23, Firmware Custom Guide Hide similar threads. Lcfw-6.60 me-1.6.rar Custom firmware, which relies on the use of lcfw-6.60 me-1.6.rar pre-ipl exploit and flashes a custom ipl onto your PSP. I have an old to use for CFW and a new to play on.

PS3BigFan, Jan 4, at 8: Do you already have an account? Examples that use this method is 5.

Downloads: CFW 6.60 me 1.6

Grahf, Jan 4, at 8: Wed Ocfw-6.60 24, 3: There’s always a message like this “querying orbital mesh” which means I can’t play online. I don’t mind having to boot it up each time I reset I usually keep it in standby anyways and in preparation, lcfw-6.60 me-1.6.rar are all getting new memory sticks for this.

I’m not interested in dumping something I don’t already own and really don’t want to have to buy it again. Waltercool Here’s the source code dude: You must log in or sign up to reply here.


But due to their lack of supportISO lcfw-6.60 me-1.6.rar has become low without patching, making these firmware slowly becoming a thing of the past. Following the release of 6.

Is it enough to update to 6. Not tried them i’m afarid but they all should work.