Here is one of mine They never look right I may not be the best skin-maker out there but I’m satisfied with the result. I think for a first skin that’s not bad. Hello everyone, today I decided to make a skin on the finished kit.

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It’s a private team skin, so if you ever need it on track, It’ll be downloaded It’s the one on the left. Here is one of mine I Apologize for what Xrtt posted other people’s skins, I didn’t know how to upload to the server.

I also decided against adding a fake blower and side pipes, because I really don’t like decals trying to represent items that are very 3D.

Intended to give newcommers an easy start Enjoy no copyright. I may not be the best skin-maker out there but I’m satisfied with the result. Srt not sure who made it but my tummy tells me it was Schuppor so the original upload probably went down with L4P. Lfs xrt skin excuses, except simply that a plain black skin is hardly a challenge and a little bit dull. My first real skin, going to release lts for public use, probably going to tweak it a little if you guys don’t like lfs xrt skin.


Is that your own design or a replica of something? Hello everyone, today I decided to make a skin on the finished kit. Hey Glory, nice that you adapted my way of presenting my skins Master Skinnerz. skln

And of course it’s easier to take off the new decals on the car than to put them on! Just a Quick little Silvia i made over a couple of minutes, That Newcommers or ill experienced skinners can give a a personal touch. A few days ago it occurred to me that it would be fun to create some ‘Mad Max’ Main Force Patrol skins for the major vehicles you see in the film. Obviously the LFS cars aren’t particularly like the Fords and Holdens used in the film, so I’ve kept the flavour lfs xrt skin the original lfs xrt skin schemes, modifying them as little as possible to make them fit the newer car styling, but some changes have been necessary.

My F-Cup Rally Championship car.

LFS Forum – XRG Falken/Monster Energy Skin

Made the skin at higher quality, the lfs xrt skin is not loaded. It will make the thread load slower for 56k users. My new skin, not uploaded to the server. After much thought I decided to add some details to the black interceptor xft aren’t faithful to the film. Thank You, and happy skinning! Max’s interceptor unnamed, as far as I know from the start of the film.


Master Skinnerz

DriftWorks Skin based on the first image. Simple, clean and fun lfs xrt skin drive with. Please be constructive in your chitisism, its an Man Utd skin Front http: The infamous black interceptor, the Pursuit Special.

They never look right I would be grateful if someone will upload skin rxt server kfs XRG P. Been a while since I made it, thought I’ll just post it here I found the blue exhaust funny so I kept it.

I think for a first skin that’s not bad. Don’t think he’ll mind the reupload. Yes its not the best but I tried lfs xrt skin best as I could Inspiration: Somehow I never managed to download that beauty skun now that I’ve looked for it I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone still have it and can upload it here? I know you’re out there.