Views Read Edit View history. Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Edit Initially living in propserous peace, the Zoombinis inhabited a small island known as Zoombini Isle. Lav 0 point. From Zoombinis Island Odyssey. S 0 point Windows version. When you do this, nothing particularly special happens, just the narrator saying a few all too familiar phrases in Zoombiniville and the inability to make Zoombinis at Zoombini Isle.

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Zoombini Isle, the Zoombinis’ homeland, has been taken over by the evil Bloats. I had the game burned onto a CD but when I went to install it I couldn’t it wanted me to go to troubleshooting guide what do I do to fix this problem.

Players take on the role of the guide and help the Zoombinis reach the safety of Zoombiniville.

Thank you thank you thank you for putting it up I loved this game when I was little! Introducing Willomaen the troll. CFG things how do i run this game.

Zoombini Isle

Put those on the indirect route the one that leads to a shelf of rock with one pump. Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Windows – Also released on: This is the last zoojbinis in every Zoombini’s journey, and not to sound cliched, but this is where it all comes down.


We challenge you to get all the Zoombinis to safety! Each toad has a tatoo on its backl. To create 16 Random Zoombinis in the Classic Version: See older comments Find two Zoombinis who could reach that button if the three-way colored arrow was pointing to the right. Kenna 0 point Windows version. Zoombinks second section is a version of Not So Easy.

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The Zoombinis all looked Different in every way: Basically, one attribute chooses what large column the mudball hits; the other two work like the ones in Oh So Hard. Only Zoombinis standing on a glowing logical land of zoombinis red or blue will go up. The game is won when Zoombinis make it to Zoombiniville. Buy Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is available a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware.

I’m Really getting Hungry! The levels may be pf from the terrain key in the lower logical land of zoombinis side of the map screen. Description Play Zoombinis and guide lad little blue creatures through fun and increasingly challenging puzzles on their way to a new home.

The buildings will be built in this order if your playing the Classic Version but in the HD Version they’re built in any order: Deep Dark Forest is set in a deep, dark forest.


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Click on the edges of the screen to look around. If you guess wrongly 6 times, the bridges collapse, stranding the Zoombinis on your left. They all lived happily on Zoombini Isle zoombniis Trinkets to be prized all over the world.

Play Zoombinis and guide the little blue creatures through fun and increasingly challenging puzzles on their way to a new home. It basically went down like this.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

To do this, they need to utilize the catapults provided on Mudball Wall. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your logicak, and admins.

The Bloats proffered that they would help the Zoombinis grow their businesses, expand their trade, and improve their quality of life.

Put the Zoombinis crammed into another shelf through. Twinsen Feb 4, 9: List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.