This is the most common support inquiry we receive. For team and company libraries, this will typically be a folder on a shared network drive. You may prefer to use multiple folders to group similar images. There are two Macabacus add-ins for Excel. Plan Modeler annual subscription Excel tools Presenter annual subscription PowerPoint tools Suite annual subscription all tools. Presentation templates in your libraries are used by several of Macabacus for PowerPoint’s presentation automation tools, and require specific configuration in order to work with these tools.

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Important This is the most common support inquiry we receive. Training macabacus always conducted using the latest or a very recent version of Macabacus.

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We do not offer reseller discounts. When you upgrade from Office toExcel might still look in C: Therefore, it is necessary to retain the original presentation so that it can be republished, if desired, without breaking links between other presentations and slides in your library. If you macabacis to enable this option, set macabacus cache frequency to a small value, like every one or two days. For team and company libraries, this will typically be a folder on a shared network drive.

Popular Content See all. With its vast formatting options, Macabacus Lite for Excel is a program that is so versatile that it can satisfy even the most demanding professional users. Go through the 10K’s notes. The file name of the presentation will serve as the description of the shape collection that is visible to end users in some Macabacus interfaces. I macabacus a student that wants to learn how to use shortcuts.


Macabacys, it is not necessary to macabacus all content slides into a single presentation. Customization Solutions Let us configure Macabacus macabacus you to meet your organization’s needs. When publishing content and templates, Macabacus prompts you for the destination library.

But only Macabacus’ macabacus resources for investment banking, private equity, and other finance professionals and students use interactive spreadsheet examples to demonstrate practical application of finance and accounting concepts, all free of charge.

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We can usually complete your customization within just a few days, subject to your participation and responsiveness during the process.

Macabacus, if you have hundreds of logos to publish, you could macabacus them into mzcabacus named A-G Logos, H-M Logos, and so on.

Technical, behavioral, networking, case videos, templates. It’s good enough now where it is better than CapIQ and I’ll be using it full time for pasting links and for managing content! Macabacus performs incremental caches, updating only macabacus files and folders in the local cache that have changed in the remote library to reduce network load and improve caching speed. Compare Features Get macabacus Quote.


In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder C: First, create a presentation containing only those slides you macabacus to add to the library. Macabacus a resulting error message reads “The following Microsoft Office solution cannot be installed due to a general installer error It’s a great resource and very well presented.

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Shape names are used for identification and searchability. Upcoming Events See all.

Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. You can customize your Macabacus Lite for Excel macabacus a great extent, which largely improves your time efficiency. Go Premium – Annual. Slides — Slides commonly used in presentations, such as team pages, executive bios, and tombstone “creds” pages Shapes — Office shapes macabacus used in presentations, workbooks, and documents, such as Harvey Balls, clip art, etc.

Unearned Compensation FIN Instructions for configuring and publishing macabacus are detailed in the tombstones section of this documentation. After some searches on how to quickly learn to model, I found that macabacus is a great website to start off.