Complete your most crushing attacks and survive! Mario must ride his motobike through 7 levels while collecting coins but he has to be careful not to tip over or he’ll crash. The rules are easy — the first character to collect 15 gold coins wins! Buy, merge and manage your planes. This game is a tribute to all Mario fans out there!

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Mario Starcatcher 2

Luigi, Toad, Princess, and of course Mario to defend your castle from the baddies. Prove your courage — choose your favorite character in the show and get ready to face their worst enemies in mario starcatcher 2 deadly battle. View All Mario Games. Super Mario Flash 4. Mario Dark Dungeon Mario has been imprisoned in the dungeons and you must help him escape. In Mario Starcatcher 2, you simply have to mario starcatcher 2 the star on each level to clear it.

Megman in Super Mario Bros. This fun platform game will remind you of Super Mario, but there are significant differences. Super Mario Kaboom 2. Sonica Help Sonic collect all the coins in each level and dodge his enemies. Beat every level and get as many balls and fruits as you can. Welcome to the Year where everything has been controlled peacefully using Cyborgs Jump on your rival’s head and move around in order to win!


Not for the feint of heart! Help Mario climb as high as possible by jumping on the coins and picking up bonuses like mushrooms or flowers. Now you can choose between Mario, Luigi and Toad. How far can you go? Choose between 4 complete playable characters and make decisions along the starcatchee.

Killer zombies are rampaging after Mario! In Marios Adventure, you must find the green ‘? Home Contact Privacy Sitemap.

Mario Starcatcher 2, a Free Flash Action Game! | Max Games

Try to unlock all of the skins Achievements. New stages available in this Super Mario remake! The player character is a cat make it fly as far as you can and jump on its enemies to crush them.

Click Play to see the videoguide for Mario Starcatcher 2.

The story is Filled with unpredictable turns and it will be hard to distinguish between a friend and an ally. There is only one plumber who can save the day. Star Scramble Mario is ready for new adventures!


Mario Starcatcher 2 on

Mario must ride his motobike through 7 levels while collecting coins but he has to be careful not to tip over or he’ll crash. The game gets more and more mario starcatcher 2 as you clear the stages. Put on your commander’s cap, find out which warship type suits you, and amass a navy of your own. In this fun Mario game you’ll have to collect the stars in each level. Help them save Princess Peach, collect coins and get a high score.

Hold back the undead mario starcatcher 2 with an arsenal of weaponry. This version of Super Mario is set in the jungle! Mario must shoot the little mushrooms into the bigger mushroom in order to complete each level.