Welcome, Maukie Cat Friends! We are extremely grateful to Anneke for all of her hard work and research! Click to load comments. Apr 2nd, Freeware. Kathy Felsted Usher December 1, at 3: So try viewing the Maukie web page instead of the actual maukie.

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We are sorry to say, but no we haven’t. So, you can select the arrangement method between Top, Normal and Bottom. Thanks to the default options provided muakie the Yahoo! Posted by Michelle at 1: Kathy Felsted Usher November 30, at 5: You can NOT save the cat file by clicking on its picture.

Adhyapak’s Blog: Maukie Virtual Cat

However, we can’t personally change the settings of our site so that SWF files are automatically recognized as ShockwaveFlash. All in all, this app comes packed with limited features, cag it can be a fun tool, especially for the younger audience.

I will have to play with your kitty every time I visit! Maukie was reviewed by Elena Opris.


Maukie the Cutest Cat

If you touch his tail it moves. If you go between the eyebrows he meows. By opening the context menu, you can access the Widget Preferences area, in jaukie to configure some settings.

December 1, at 4: I am your newest follower!!! Maukie became so popular that Anneke wrote pages of information to help people all over the world with their questions about Maukie. The file can be opened with Internet Explorer. Apr 2nd, Freeware.

Widget Engine, Maukies is a lightweight and fun app which displays the animation of a cat directly on your cay.

Download Maukie

The cat is black and white, has green eyes and a red collar. However, the animation does not run smoothly; it seems that Maukies has not been updated for a very long maukei. Maukie virtual cat am learning new maukie virtual cat about him all the time. We do not know who did!

Click to load comments. It would be great if everyone would place Maukie on the desktop without linking. Do you have any more art like Maukie? Heidi found out that if you run the mouse over his ears they wiggle. There are a lot of questions about Maukie. It is TOOO cute!! The interface of the tool is based on a small frame which you can move to any position on the screen with the help of the mouse cursor. The Maukie pictures on this page were created by the very talented Anneke Hut.


Who is Anneke Hut? Your desktop virtual cat Maukie is the fiercest, cutest cat ever to terrorize your mouse pointer. So try viewing virtyal Maukie web page instead of the actual maukie. Here is an enlargement of the tag. Can I use Maukie on my own website? If you can’t save the file, we will email it to you.