Love and passion has been portrayed very well in this movie. Richa a debut film in Tamil have scope for acting and delivered neatly.. Overall She deserves 2 stars out of 8 I have given and 3 for Dhanush and 3 for Selva! He thanks his friends for all their help and then finally he says that he is standing in this position only ‘cos of his wife. This movie is not above the story, it’s all about the way it has been told and the performance of the actors. I can say proudly that there is a tamil version of Lynch or Kubrik now.

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Mayakkam Enna Climax Speech Dhanush In Tamil Download

If music composed by U1 the movie would taken a little bit high Cinematography by Ramji its just amazing, It Gives soul to the Screen.

Had no idea where the story was heading after 10 mins into the movie and that feeling only got worse as the movie progressed. Sparks fly high only to settle down and romance suddenly blossoms between the two.

And the movie lacked a theme. It’s an experience and the first one to credit is no doubt, Selvaragavan who does not disappoint at any frame of the film. Saw the ratings here and took a chance with the movie. Mayakkam enna climax bgm watched it again and I am writing this review. The first half of the movie was brilliant and I really loved it.


When the protagonist is a wildlife photographer, there is always an additional advantage and Ramji delivers the best.

His ambition has no bounds. His acting is top class in many scenes. Richa Gangopadhyay deserves special mention for holding her thing together alongside the ever-improving Dhanush.

The interval scene, where myriad emotions between the lead pair are shown at a single stretch, is a fine example to what Prakash has in store. Best Climad movies kollywood.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. This is not a normal selvaraghavan movie but this is selva’s best love story so far told. If Selva’s dialogues are razor-sharp and go down well with youngsters so do his lyricsit’ Ramji’s cinematography and GV Prakash’s musical score that add strength to the script. A secluded individual the routine for all lead stars in Selvaraghavan’s filmsKarthik’s only company is Sundar Sundar and co.

The former was a disaster and the latter seems to have drawn some appreciation. Mayakkam enna climax bgm photo has been selected as the best international photo of the year with his “icon” as just a nomination.

Mayakkam enna climax tamil Mp4 HD Video WapWon

Selva’s screenplay is too slow comparing to his previous film. Haven’t seen any other movies from this director and Mayak,am would certainly think twice if I mayqkkam across another movie from directed by him. Mayakkam mayakkam enna climax bgm by sss videos Download. Although a repetitive theme from the director it does carry some intense acting and dialogue. If he given a strong second half then this movie should become a masterpiece of his career.


Vodafone Zoo Zoo Funny Videos. The dubbing for Richa which was given by Deepa Venkat gave life to Yaamini’s character. First half expresses one side of love and the second half is full of sensational. But the fact is mahakkam Enna’ does mesmerize you and you will definitely consider watching this film more than once But when one consider the below average fare that we getting treated to in the last couple of yearsmayakkam enna climax bgm Enna ” enba way above all those ones.

Sundar, the young lad promises aplenty and is sure to go places. The screenplay is crafted so well by Selvaragavan. Prakash’s music and BG awesome.

mayakkam enna climax speech Mp4 HD Video WapWon

The movie is about a youngster struggling to achieve his dream. Prakash’s songs are remarkable and his BGM’s does makes the right impact. In comes Yamini Richa who is dating one of his friends.