Although the movies are enthralling and entertaining the whole of India for almost half century but the medium of a stage drama is powerful when it comes to conveying the message with a maximum surety that it will be digested then and there. I almost forgot there are plays Oct 14, This monologue sets tone for the play. Sahi Re Sahi 4. Help us fill the void. In fact, Godsay respected Gandhi for his work and thoughts.

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But the reason to kill Gandhijee had to do something with the miseries suffered by the refugees after partition, Gandhijee’s stance to let majority suffer for minority in that area and his persistant pressurising the Government for giving Pakistan benefit that they never deserved to be given. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful.

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I read the English translation of this play available on numerous websites. U know controvorsies do exsist over such issues. We will get back to you shortly. Ram ne ravan ka vadh kiya, krishna ne kans ka vadh kiya.

Marathi Natak – Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy Part – 1 2 – Kunal Limaye & Sanjay Belose[240P]

However, few years back during the r He has always been described as a Hindu fanatic and at many places as a lunatic, who killed Father of the nation. Help us fill the void.


Well I admit to my lack of information on N Godse Both the play and its ban have been criticized by Shriram Lagoo a view which was considered representative of the views of other theater workers such as Vijay TendulkarSatyadev Dubey and Amol Palekar by The Times of India in its article Banning a play is not the solution.

I have read the banned book written by Nathuram Godse himself An OTP has been sent to your email address. Oct 14, When he becomes above the nation and his thoughts overtake the priorities of the majority in the nation Nathuram will emerge somewhere!

Please Let me know what they wanted to project me nathuram godse boltoy natak this and the reason. G Never didso forget ideology for a 2nd, killing or taking away botoy for the sake of ideals speaks of a deranged mind and this was the part naatak of the Ver Sincerely and honestly, u will have to watch this play to get to know the reasons for which Godse assisinated Gandhi.

Two platoons of state boktoy police and regular policemen under the direction of senior officers provided security. How about playing a character of Nathuram who is considered largely by the majority of people around the world as Villain and in the end making his side clear on vadh of Gandhi was mammoth task and this actor has done it in a fine fashion.

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It is a prized possession indeed This is the most controversial and sensational play of recent times. Retrieved 9 April But after reading it I have come across and realized that me nathuram godse boltoy natak was not only Gandhi,but many a people from Congress who were responsible for whatever h You have shown a remarkable perspective by writing on such a controversial topic. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I wont be able explain it in my words as my skills are too short to do justice to it.


Upload menu files with. World recognises and remembers me as the one who ended Gandhi’s life on January 30, Now this play is conducted on regular basis.

Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy Actors, Cast, Wiki

Sahi Re Sahi 4. I agree with y abt 2 coins to sides This play directed by the veteran marathi actor Vinay Apte introduces Nathuram Godsay as the anchor of the play.

The book should be available in Pune. Alert on more product reviews. Alert on more product reviews.