Actually enemies just get buffed on higher difficulties. The AI is also made cowards so that they only attack you if they feel strong enough about twice as strong as you. From my point of view, there is nothing more disappointing than blitzkrieging your way thru a campaign, or a mod? Do you have favorites for technical fixes, graphics, etc? Another meeting with the treasurer was less painful as income increased substantially.

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And then, a tragedy. Eternal Turk Reskin 1. Do you work better by yourself?

Interview With Sicilian Vespers | Wargamer

Armenian Advisor – Ermeni: I’ve been playing a lot of Medieval total war 2 sicilian vespers mod lately just like Trash, and I’ve had a similar experience when it comes to factions all playing out the same way. Otherwise it’s been fun. Apr 11, Messages: Your name or medival address: Sicilian Vespers on steam?

I would have really liked to have seen some sort of regency feature, where the Queen rules during her son? Want to add to the discussion? This would have allowed us to retain the sicikian of the various royal families, and eliminated the problem of adopted characters taking precedence over natural children in the lines of succession. I still have a lot planned for ChivII: Sep 15, Messages: I’ll probably make a short update describing a bit of economical build-up tomorrow afternoon during a break from studying and a larger one on tuesday when I’ll be finally free of all these pesky uni responsibilities.


I am hoping to add a new faction or two as well. I was out to gain Medieval 2: What also bugs me is a pretty broken diplomacy: A subreddit for all of those who love the Total War series.

Let’s play Medieval Total War 2 w/ Sicilian Vespers mod

In turn, do you have any suggestions that you think would help them in developing the Total War games? Until your account has “passed” your posts will only be visible to yourself and moderators until they are approved. Are you looking forward to the release of Empire: The only thing that bothers me so far are the descriptions for buildings written by fans: The Sicilian Vespers 3. What else influences you in developing a mod?

The modding is all done in my spare time, so it varies considerably from week to week. There are definitely times when I just need a break. One of them was the fact that when Poland was christianised init didn’t happen really because of enlightenment of the ruling class; nor were the Polish szlachta nobilitytownsfolk and peasantry particularly zealous in abandoning their traditional deities.


Do you typically work with an era that you are already familiar or do you research events and time periods that are unknown to you?

Interview With Sicilian Vespers

Do you have favorites for technical fixes, graphics, etc? What are you working on now? Another good mod I found was Broken Cresent, it reminded me of Shogun with its incredible atmosphere. East India Company 22 Jun 0. Added Aug 26th, Coding, balancing, managing beta testing, moderating.

Yes, my password is: Spain shields retexture – Eternal Cocoon: