Style, font, and text color are ignored. Retrieved May 31, from http: Try using this command in a button so that you can see the effect on the cursor. MicroWorlds can be used simply as a drawing program before the concept of programming turtles is introduced. Any cursor motion top , bottom , cu , cd , cf , and cb will select text. Exploring language with Logo.

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Double click on the colour to view the associated code. You can change the current text box using the text box name followed by a comma or with talkto. Pastes a copy of the Clipboard in the current text box.

The case for classic Logo: Reports the distance, in graphkcs steps, from the active turtle to another specified turtle. Sentence can take more than 2 inputs when sentence and the inputs are enclosed in grapnics.

Clicking OK closes the box. Logo from the Kindergarten to the University Level http: Prints a word or list in microworlds turtle graphics current text box. The first input is the name of an object.


To do so, follow microworlds turtle graphics instructions:.

Turtle Graphics Examples

The input must be the name of a file in the current directory or a full path. Use the turtle graphics commands you learned earlier to draw a beautiful design in the command center. See possetxand ycor. October 13, art2. Freezes the background graphics in their current state. Temporarily tells each element in the first input to run the instruction list. In this case, use clickoff instead. Stands for t ext c olor.

Let’s paint microworlds turtle graphics picture with the turtle! You can also set the text style by choosing Font graphicx the Text menu.

Turtle Graphics Examples

Hides the current text box. Create the text as a vector, copy it and paste as a new turtle into MicroWorlds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See butfirstfirstand last. See ask and talkto.

Reports the x coordinate of the current turtle. Reports the natural logarithm the logarithm in base e of the number. Laptops, Logo and Learning. You cannot type in a hidden text box, but primitives such as printinsertand cleartext still work.


Reports the logical inverse of its input. This makes it easier to create turtle costumes that will turn under program control. Deletes an object, microworlds turtle graphics, project variable created with createprojectvar or a turtle variable created with turtlesown.

If errormessage reports an empty word, it means that microworlds turtle graphics last operation using carefully did not report an error. The second input can be the name of a specific page, a list of page names, the word procedures to import the procedures and project variablespages to import all the pagesor shapes to replace all the shapes in the source project. Parse can be used to turn the long word a sequence of characters including spaces reported by text boxes into lists of words.

Stands for p en u p.