It is therefore a good idea to start students and other first time users off with an example of a finalized project to get a feel for what it is capable of. You can define your own annotation schemes as well as the way relations and links between linguistic objects are rendered at the surface. The German example allows you to choose the grammatical role as buttons. The condition specifies matching conditions the markables must fulfill to be displayed. One of the major strengths of MMAX2 is its flexibility and configurability. The values have to be written in curly brackets, the attribute in parenthesis including the values:

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Mmax2 now see the following window: Assessing agreement on classification tasks: Give your project a name and choose your project path.

Multi-level annotation of linguistic data with MMAX 2

The three windows shown have different functions: MMAX2 is especially suited for discourse annotation tasks. Please make sure that the directory name contains no white space and that the path is not too long mmmax2 this can cause mmax2 keeping track of files and making backup copies. Create markable on level ‘LexicalCohesion’. NevesUlf Leser Briefings in Bioinformatics You now see the following window:.

One of the major strengths of MMAX2 mmax2 its flexibility and configurability.


Download the latest version from the following website: The values have mmax2 be written in curly brackets, mmax2 attribute in parenthesis including the values: This opens the – very empty – main MMAX2 mmax2 as well as a box with the shell in the background which needs to be kept running and open for as long as MMAX2 is being used. The default value for your text is black, so everything that has no markable will be black.

It is especially suited mmax2 the annotation mmax2 visulization of links between linguistic elements at the level of the text or discourse such as for example cohesive ties.

The German example allows you to choose the grammatical role as buttons. We have therefore opted to get users started by means of a sample project to give them a feel for the functionality and usefulness of the software before they delve into the intricacies of multi-layer discourse annotation. Semantic Scholar estimates that this mmax2 has citations based on the available data. A survey on annotation tools for the biomedical literature Mariana L. However, this configurability can be a great obstacle for users familiarizing themselves with MMAX2 for the first time.

Software development Computational linguistics. This tutorial guides users through the process of installing MMAX2 including its system prerequisites and the configuration of the annotation schemes. Note that a query statement is always closed by a semicolon.


linguisticsweb:tutorials:linguistics_tutorials:manual_annotation:mmax2 []

mmax2 The command part can be followed by an expression referring to the markable level to which the query is to be applied. MMAX2 does not require much of mmax2 installation. By integrating regular expression you can formulate more complex looking queries.

You can add as many values as you need. MMAX2 offers nice visualizations suitable for the annotation of relations especially at the discourse level such as cohesive chains etc. The relation attributes also have values to which you mmax2 to assign a name.

From the opening context menu, select the type of chain you are planning to annotate. Showing of 10 references. Its main advantages are its flexibility and configurability as mmax2 as the visualization of the discourse relations. Take a look at mmax2. The following example looks for all occurences of numbers in the HTC document: By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, mmax2 agree to mamx2 terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.