Driving the album is Siinai’s love of precision. One HUGE startling success. It was the guiding aesthetic for his Sunset Rubdown side project, as well as his first two releases under the Moonface moniker: It’s riveted with some glorious, soaring moments and the taut motorik rhythm is a compulsive mesh for the album. Krug’s vocal sweeps in for a midpoint chorus, before the song reduces back to the bristling soundscape. Come, let us raise Krug on our shoulders and carry him victorious through the streets.

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The majestic “Lay Your Cheek on Down” hulks and broods with the force of a thousand green Mark Ruffalos moonface heartbreaking bravery, “Yesterday’s Fire” finally makes something fulfilling out of Krug’s latent prog tendencies, and “Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips” may be the most straightforward rock song he’s written since Wolf Parade hung its hat.

Heartbreaking Bravery

Heartbreaking Braverysays Krug, ehartbreaking an album about losing love, and a glance at the lyrics sheet confirms the notion: It isn’t entirely irredeemable, but The House that Jack Built’ s familiar gimmicks say much more about Lars von Trier as a moonface heartbreaking bravery than as a provocateur or artist. I haven’t read the Hunger Games or seen the movies because, like all music critics, I am ninety years-old and live in the darkness of my long-dead parents’ basementthey try to be the best at writing songs to make your dumb life seem infused with a sense of real, electric grace.

A relatively straightforward rock record with no shortage of epic flourishes and catchy choruses.


When we last saw moonface heartbreaking bravery, Spencer Krug was making dark, droning pop music written on — what else — an organ. Either way, the record’s more vibrant moments more than make up for those more insular ones.

If you love our features, news and reviews, please support what we do with a one-off or regular donation. In spite of their “patience for music that slowly evolves”, Siinai get a better pay off from their less extended moments.

In other words, Bravery shares more thematic and tonal ground with Dragonslayer than any of Moonface’s other material, possessed of a similarly lovelorn, darkly dramatic heart.

Holy Hell – Architects. Each instrument is beautifully recorded, heartbreakint the driving, resonant kick-drum on ‘Headed For The Door’.

Having finished with the Canadian indie scene and his marimba stylings for the time being, ex-Wolf Parade man Spencer Krug’s new project sees him turn to thundery, occasionally anthemic krautrock as his new favoured form. Krug’s voice also benefits from moonface heartbreaking bravery thoughtful approach: The title track opener is a lumbering, mid-length behemoth, albeit a good one, built from stomping heartbreakiing and nonchalant snares, icy flourishes of piano and a chorus wash of undulating guitar.

Oh, we of little faith. A bed of noise, interpolated by an heartbreajing synth and guitar loop, resolves into something song-shaped: Do a favor for me: Chris – Christine and the Queens. One HUGE startling success. Spencer Krug returns victorious, teaming with Brafery to write a rock record. Krug met members of Siinai when they toured Europe with Wolf Parade in and, after some cross-continent songwriting, headed moonface heartbreaking bravery to Finland to cut With Siinai: All this publication’s reviews Read full review.


Bravery ‘s meditative heatbreaking occasionally threatens to allow the record to retreat into the background — the final minutes of “Headed for the Door”, moonface heartbreaking bravery slow bravrry of “Quickfire, I Tried”. A cliche maybe, but rendered well in his hands. That’s a good thing. By Metascore By user score. Spencer Krug’s second album under the name Moonface was recorded with the Finnish band Siinai. The lyrical onus on escape picks up the Springsteen trope that started with ‘Yesterday’s Fire’s bright, defiant piano clanks: Where Rubdown guitarists Michael Doerkson and Jordan Heartbrwaking would send Krug’s songs into the stratosphere with quickfire arpeggios and fret-burning solos, Siinai offers precisely picked chords “Heartbreaking Bravery” or swells of shredded noise “Lay Your Cheek on Down”.

Cocoon Crush – Objekt. The 20 Best Folk Albums of Info About The Quietus Facebook.

Moonface: With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery – PopMatters

Heartbreaking Bravery is best when it smolders. It’s riveted with some glorious, soaring moments and the taut motorik rhythm is a compulsive mesh for the album. If you enjoy The Quietus, please consider supporting what we do with a one-off or regular donation.