Register Sign In Help. It’s pretty good but I’d like to hear what others say. I have a Moto X with Android 4. Have been using this app for years and it was a great time saver. The My Motospeak app is working again!!

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Message 10 of So for now, will probably just accept the MMS in its current form I’ve been using Sonalight Text motospeak voice. I’m not sure motospeak well the Q3 works It’s pretty good but I’d like to hear what others say. This website uses cookies.

Message 6 of Does anyone have recommedations for alternatives to MotoSpeak since the compose text message by motospeak function motospeak seem to work?

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Alternatives to My MotoSpeak – Lenovo Community

I plan on calling when I get home from work later today. Motospeak, MMS does this too The speech motospeak text portion is transmitted from the phone to a server or servers somewhere…gets put together and then sent motospeak to the phone.


Thanks motospeqk providing the link for the other thread I was going to do the same My Motospeak was working pretty good for me up until this morning. There was no announcement, no fanfare The My Motospeak app is working again!!

Alternatives to My MotoSpeak. NOW we’re in the same boat again Message 8 of I am in a very good 4G motospeak area, so I know I have data connection. It is motospeak proprietary BT headset: I am having the same issue…it will read my incoming text motoospeak then cannot send a reply…gets stuck in the loop of Try Again…Try Again…Try Again. Message 4 of When this happened the last time – earlier this year – motospeak took a month or two for Motorola to fix it.

Have been using this app for years and it was a great time saver.

download my motospeak free (android)

Message 7 of I have stayed with the Motorola headsets for the motospeak. I’ve not tried them all Good luck to all of us! However, replying to text message using your voice would be possible using a third party app. When the last Motospeak update occurred.


Here’s another thread for your viewing “pleasure”: This sounds almost exactly like what happened motospeqk time motospeak a year ago. Google Voice Actions Integration – Simply double tap the command button to instantly access Message 2 of Last time, quite a few people reported calling Moto Tech Support motospeak filing motospeak Help Ticket or whatever they call it and then eventually it just started working again.