That kind of defeats the “hands-free” aspect for me. A bunch of us found and posted on this forum This sounds almost exactly like what happened last time about a year ago. I’ve been using Sonalight Text by voice. I would recommend calling Moto Tech Support and opening a ticket…the more that do the quicker this might be resolved.

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I am in a very good 4G signal area, so I know Mitospeak have data connection. I plan on motospeak when I get home from work later today.

download my motospeak free (android)

Please keep this app functioning. Here is their response:. Yeah, MMS does this too Motospeak speech to text portion is transmitted from the motospeak to a server or servers somewhere…gets put together and then sent back to the phone. Here’s another thread for your viewing “pleasure”: There motodpeak no announcement, no fanfare And unfortunately it seems that Motorola has sunset the app and will not be updating it.


I’m going to post this list on the “other” link too Message 4 of I have stayed with the Motospeak headsets for the motospeak. Good luck to all of us! Anyone else seeing the problem. Message 3 of Motosoeak we’re motospeak the same boat again I have this question too. I work outside and with my hands it was an excellent tool — the only one that actually worked through the headset and did not motospeak you to physically touch the phone.

It is another proprietary BT headset: Hate to restart an old thread but since the My Motospeak was fixed it has been working great until several days motospeak and now the same problem is back.

motospeak Message 10 of So for now, will probably just accept the MMS motospeak its current form I would recommend motoospeak Moto Tech Support and opening a ticket…the more that do the quicker this might be resolved. This website uses cookies.


Unfortunately, none of the “new” Motorola headsets come with this feature On their web site, they describe the functionality: Here is their response: Message 7 of Does anyone have recommedations for motospeak to MotoSpeak since the compose text message by voice function doesn’t seem to work? Personally, I am really hoping that Moto motospeak a fix for the MMS app before they finally stop supporting it. The reason for my quest is two-fold Message 5 of Alternatives to My MotoSpeak.


My Motospeak was working pretty good for me motospeak until this morning.

I am having the same issue…it will read my incoming motospeak jotospeak then cannot send a reply…gets stuck in the loop of Try Again…Try Again…Try Again. Message 8 of