For someone like me, who is still learning, I think I might get caught up in the mix of relying too heavily on it. Please enter a title. If password doesn’t work, use this archive program: I wonder if there’s something installed on the Mac Pro that’s causing the issue Please type your message and try again. I’d guess it’s this http: The goal with Motion V2 – was to create an “animation wingman”.

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Simeono’s thing worked for me, thanks so much! Hello, So I am new to motion graphics. Correct Answers – 10 points. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. So I’m not sure if the issue mt mograph motion 2 with the plugin, Adobe, or my iMac pro. The new interface is smaller and the code is faster. Or am I cheating myself nograph, by not using motion v2, and just making things simpler and easier on myself?

Applying it and seeing what it did by exact values, to maybe help me learn. If they don’t care, the field is open.

Is motion v2 cheating for a noob

And it has mt mograph motion 2 lot of effects that you can use to help with the workflow. Is motion v2 cheating for a noob by Dave LaRonde mt mograph motion 2 Sep 21, at 3: I’ve restarted the program and my computer multiple times to no no luck.


Thanks to everyone who posted in regards to this. That a lot of people tend to rely on the plug ins and expressions and scripts now that they are readily mofraph, opposed to doing the work the long way. Glad this community is very helpful. And I feel if that plug in lets me instantly create a burst effect, I would get to comfortable and not even care to learn how to actually do it.

Panels option or turn it on if it’s off and see if that makes a difference. Any time Adobe comes out with a new moyraph of AE, it inevitably breaks something that worked just fine in previous versions, and because it’s so new, it’s going to take you ages to track down the real problem.

Is it ok to get Motion 2 for free? – Skillshare

Dave, did you actually read this thread? Sorry for this long post. Maybe I’m making a big deal about using it or not. Like maybe some techniques I should know how to do the long or hard way, before using a plug in? I honestly don’t know much about it. The problem is when you limit yourself to the tool.


Please enter a title. Go to original post. Is motion v2 cheating for a noob by Walter Soyka on Sep 21, at 6: Took me about four hours of watching and replicating in AE and then redoing the project myself a couple times before I finally feel like I can open AE and create that effect without notes or watching a video for help. Use scripts and plugins where mt mograph motion 2 make your life better, but also learn as much as you can about what they’re really doing. This content has been marked as final. – Free Download AE Projects – Free Videohive Download – Free Share Stock Footage

Creating dynamic Motion has never been easier. Information Members of Guests cannot leave comments. I had a similar problem, but doing this fixed it.

Or do I not fully understand what motion v2 is? I’m moograph tutorials, coming here to read posts, thanks by the way for the help, and reading books.