Metal Gear solid V , like forreal. If you are creating a new mod, refer to many guides created by the XBOX modding community; they’re helpful. Oct 25, 8, Not really a patch so much as expansions, but FFXI really threw itself under the bus when they did abyssea and started raising the level cap. Remember me Lost Password? Oct 25,

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The whole MGSV micromanagement features got progressively worse as updates went on. Oct 25, 5, Oct 27, Palm Desert,CA. Press the hotkey again and “auto assign” to re-join your team.

That lbieration that “fixed” the epic staircase slowdown made it an undeniably worse game as a result. Oct 27, 5, Oct 25, 6, canada.

Recommended minimum is 1 GB. Use a program like ffViewer to extract the game’s stock. Oct 25, 2, It breaks more stuff instead of fixing it. Turned repetitive fun, into libeation even worse hackfest due to that more fun nerfing than mw2 liberation 1.05. Ultimate Filez is not in any way affiliated with Infinity Ward.


The big Star Wars Galaxy switcheroo patch.

MW2 Liberation | MW2 mod files free!!

They took a game about going fast and capped your speed when you had the flag to make it easier to be caught. Still one of the best games Capcom’s ever published if you ask me, if you wanna play it and you should I 10.5 grabbing that version.

Oct 27, 8, If my memory is correct, they also neutered the PvP during that time which people had major issues with. Dead Rising 4 “updated” to remove anything which made Dead Rising what it is, turned into a generic zombie game. Obviously you’ll need to have “Startup script” option checked in the program as well.

Games that were ruined by updates/patches

Honestly most of my complaints are just about MP changes and rebalances, wouldn’t say “ruined”. I never actually played the game, but I remember a lot mw2 liberation 1.05 controversy around some PayDay 2 updates. As of version 1. Oct 25, Metal Gear solid Vlike forreal. Oct 26, Star Wars Galaxies chasing that WoW cream, instead of sticking to what it did so well and building on it.


Bungies penchant for nerfing instead of actually fixing ruined Destiny. Oct 31, 1, Beach City. From there on the game got better with patches, but even still they never quite brought the sprinting back to how it was in the summer beta, which was disappointing for me.

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TricksOfDeath – graphics design GameThreat. GRIN released a patch for both I think? Then they went and nerfed them because people thought they were too strong. You can’t balance a game for years and multiple expansions around a level cap then destroy all you established endgame and gear by deciding to raise level caps and stat inflation. Oct 25, 1,