Anjan himself played acoustic guitar, and Suman accompanied him by harmonica in a song. Kabir Suman started his music career with Rabindra Nath Tagore ‘s song in , but it was almost unsuccessful. He finished his second contract with German International Radio in , and returned to Kolkata. This album was remarkable because, it was his first album after he became an MP. After that, he started completely releasing his new songs as mostly audio format, sometimes as video format through his website. It was his last Tagore Song album in both cassette and CD format. Like ‘Nandigram’, all songs’ theme was forcefully land acquisition from then state government, and brutal massacre by them, and the royalty of this album went completely to those ordinary persons of Singur and Nandigram, Both ‘Nandigram’ and ‘Protirodh’ became very popular to the then opposition party of West Bengal All India Trinamool Congress.

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Here Suman sang with Indrani Sen.

Kabir Suman’s recorded albums

He was a combat journalist in Nicaragua during Sandinista revolution and wrote a book Mukto Nicaragua Liberated Nicaragua on that.

It was his first album which was published in Kolkata Book Fairand nandigram by kabir suman only album which was published personally, without any help from any nandiggram company.

Sonali Kabin – Tobuo Valobashi Movie -bangla song Bengali gaan bangladeshi songs Bangla new song shman music bangladeshi gaan ; Bangla new song bengali music bangladeshi gaan. Since then he has released over ten albums, his most recent one being Nandigram in Rest of all songs was accompanied by only electronic keyboard.

Unlike two previous albums, electronic keyboard nandigram by kabir suman completely unused in this album. Around this time, the political situation of West Bengal nandirgam in unrest regarding land acquisition at Singur and Nandigram. Suman played all instruments like electronic kkabir, guitar and harmonica and himself was an arranger like his basic albums. His work has been a major influence in the development of the Bengali songs, which has influenced bands like Chandrabindoo, and has grown to become a major movement in contemporary Bengali music.


InKabir Suman returned again to Bengali film industry as a music director after kabur long gap. He broke his own record, and also the record xuman Bengali music history because it was the first of nandigram by kabir suman basic Bengali song album which contains such number of songs.

Also in first time, some male and female background vocalists used in some songs. It was his second album which contained lyric reading, without any music and tune. Two songs were sung by Suman, one by Sabina Yasmin.

Raj Gaurav Debnath: Kabir Suman

Background score was also done by Suman. He released his first album, Tomake Chai, in Beside his self-created songs, he also released some Indian Classical songs and some old songs, created by late Dilip Kumar Roy and others. Only two songs were accompanied with guitar and harmonica, rest of the songs was by completely electronic keyboard, and sometimes with harmonica, like ‘Nishiddha Istehar’.

Nandigram by kabir suman was his first and till now the only collaborative album, which was published only as CD.

Nandigram by Kabir Suman on Spotify

It was also his first album, where no other musicians played. In next year Kabir Suman published his 11th album ‘Adab’, which contained 12 songs. No other instruments used. Where ‘Ichchhe Holo’ completely omitted electronic keyboard, ‘Nishiddho Istehar’ was entirely accompanied by electronic keyboard. A revoulutionary song by Kabr Suman on the verge West Bengal’s political unrest period. It was his 6th and last concept album, and his 5th and last political album.


It was his first album mainly for children. This fully jandigram music arrangement drew attention to many music-lovers, and it was such an album, which was completely electric or electronic music instrument less almost after 40 years in Bengali music history.

More by Kabir Suman

It is often called a sequel of ‘Nandigram’. Retrieved 29 June SinceKabir Suman started posting his new songs on him website—www. All songs’ theme was mysterious death of young multimedia designer Rizwanur Rahmanwhich was very controversial, and created some political unrest in West Bengal. It was his 14th album, and his 2nd concept album, and his first political album. However, inSuman returned again to his own instrumental music by his 7th album ‘Jatissor’.

Instrumentation was returned again to his old style, 4 or 5 nandigram by kabir suman were played by guitar, and all other songs were played by electronic keyboard. It is his first standard album after ‘Dekhchhi Toke’, which was published in All songs’ theme was forcefully land acquisition from then state government, and brutal massacre by them.