Tadupari janmakaina jaali choose veelundante, Ee kshanaana oopiraapana. FCDmA nayanam hrudayam neeve neevai FCDmA samayam venuke chesa payanam DmAFCBb tadupari janma kaina jaali chuse veelundante Dm–AFCBb ee kshanana vupiri apana. I can’t wait to watch this on screen. Another awwwweee phrase from the song – “Enduke cheliya reppala valalo odigina kalalaa, Kanu paapalu vethike repati kalanu choosi chooda vela” FC rojo kothhagaa nee sandarSanam.. Please check your email.

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Lyr♪c Ma♫ual: ENDUKANTE PREMANTA Songs Lyrics – Nee Choopule Naa Oopiri

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Nee Choopule Naa Oopiri Lyrics from Endukante Premanta

Available on the Appstore Nqa it on Google Play. Dm enduke cheliya reppala valalo vodigina kalala. You are now logged in. Please try again later.

Nee Choopule

Those are my favorite lines too. DmA entho vinthagaa undi ee anubhavam Related Questions Kwaja mere kwaja and kun faya kun guitar tabs kpop getting popular with their visuals and dancing Is honey singh overhyped? Smule Are you still there?

Gaali Nee choopule naa oopiri Lyrics from PSPK agnathavasi What is tabs pranam movie song nindunorellasavam song Am begginer how to play udayinchina suryidini adiga guitar?

Another awwwweee phrase from the song – “Enduke cheliya reppala valalo odigina kalalaa, Kanu paapalu vethike repati kalanu choosi choopulw vela” Select to create a poll opinion.

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Nee Choopule Lyrics – Endukante Premanta(2012)

Sing and be part of the Smule community! Please check your email. The movie prides itself as a coming of age MUSICAL and is extensively shot in Paris, so let’s hope this song is packaged well with na visuals.

However I feel that it is an inspiration from one of my favourite lines: A new window will pop up. Newer Post Older Post Home. The phrase you posted over here in this post is a good one by Rama Jogayya Sastry.