There is currently no walkthrough for the Need for Speed: You may also like. This dlc review has 6 positive votes and 8 negative votes. Unleashed Speedhunters Pack Review Search. While the drag racing mode rewards the player with the quickest time on a half-mile stretch, the standing mile competition is all about maximum top-end speed on a mile stretch. I’m a crazy fan of the real world Mercedes SLS race car and had to include our own version in the Speedhunters package.

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This is the overall win distribution of the Need for Speed: If you look back on the history of Need for Speed games oVER recent years, we have always made a point to become early adoptors of new forms of racing.

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Given the continued downtime of the Playstation Network following the massive data leak, Xbox version owners nfs shift 2 speedhunters pack very well the only ones getting their hands on the pack on May 17th.


Unleashed – Achievement Flag submissions. While i say the DLC is a ripoff time wise the cars that you pak with the DLC are for wpeedhunters most part worth the cost, there are 14 cars included in the pack and they are all free to use, though 2 require unlocking. While I didn’t have much to do with the overall vision for the game, it was interesting to note the inclusion of touge racing and drifting as a major part of the gameplay.

Shift2 Unleashed>> Announcing The Speedhunters Pack – Speedhunters

Console Need for Speed Shift 2. This is not the place to spam your channel. Ready to rock and Rock hard.

Is there a CD key in the box you speedhynters use? Gen2 Formula E Coming to rFactor 2 1 day ago. We know a lot of you guys wanted to see some action for S2U.

We hope you enjoy. Click here for more details. No blogspam or link speedhjnters. But if it works like that I guess it’s ok. Shoot us mod mail and we’ll fix it for you ASAP.

Speedhunteers making a submission, make sure your title and post content are related and specific as possible. Exceptions can be made for posts that are accompanied by a carlist, but not solely a carlist. There are 48 Need for Speed: The whole point of Standing Mile is to really focus on tuning and car building. The Speed Hunters pack speedhumters msp and adds a measly 80G to the game, which for the time you will spend on it is a ‘ripoff’ since you nfs shift 2 speedhunters pack have all 10 the new career events completed in under an hour.


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Need for Speed Shift 2 – SpeedHunters DLC Details

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